Engagement Sub-group Meeting Monday 27th September 6.30

EL Elizabeth Lowe Public Seen by 12

I have extended the invitation beyond the few members of the engagement sub-group in the hope that other steering group members can attend. I attach a draft agenda. Please let me have any additional items you wish discussed. If you had an action from 4th August and are unable to attend the Zoom meeting please post an update. Thank you.


Susie Barson Tue 5 Oct 2021 12:12PM

Hi Adam, yes I meant December rather than November for the second date- apologies. Thanks for spotting and amending, and uploading.



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Adam Hardy Tue 5 Oct 2021 10:22AM

@Susie Barson @Elizabeth Lowe

I have Mon 1st Nov and Mon 6th Dec for the next two meeting dates so I'm correcting them here! I assume it was just a slip of the pen - Nov 6th is a Saturday.


Deleted account Mon 4 Oct 2021 11:22AM

It might be a good idea for one or two of us to attend the Wilberforce Gardeners Autumn Plant Sale on 10th October (11:30 to 2pm) outside 30 Wilberforce Rd?? (I will be busy selling plants.) There will be tea and cakes - this might be an opportunity to engage. All are welcome to come to the sale anyway of course.


Adam Hardy Mon 4 Oct 2021 11:19AM

@Susie Barson 's minutes - thank you, Susie!

Minutes for the FP&SG Engagement Group meeting by Zoom 27 Sept 2021

1. Present

Hugh White (HW) Hackney

Elizabeth Lowe (EL) Hackney (Chair)

Susie Barson (SB) Hackney (note taker)

Adam Hardy (AH) Islington

Matthew Spry (MS) Haringey

Apologies: Dorothy Newton (Islington)

2. Minutes of 4th August:


3. Matters Arising

Venues for future meetings and workshops: Further Action: SB to liaise with Finsbury Park Trust for use of their meeting room; EL to ask DN if Outlandish rooms might be made available courtesy of Polly.

4. Engagement questions

EL has prepared guidance on these questions for example, thinking about the size of the group, nature of its interests etc. She has put these on Loomio.

Action: ALL to read, and comment if they wish.

Other Forums experience with community engagement: SB to pursue this after initial look at the Crystal Palace website - useful to summarise what they have there, including Highgate (which crosses two boroughs). Ongoing Action SB.

EL: action to check Neighbourhood Planners London and Locality resources for guidance on community engagement.

Community groups in our area: LS to compile list of groups and contacts that he knows about.

5. Who/When /How to engage

DN has a list of local groups, with perhaps close to 100.

It was agreed that we need to sift this list, identify the lead people with email addresses, and prepare to engage with them. This could be either through attending their meetings, or bringing them to an event organised by us, where we make the elevator pitch, ask the prepared questions, facilitate the discussion and collate the responses. We would note the dates of the meetings and the names of the groups in a way which can bear scrutiny by the councils that show it to be a fair, open and inclusive process. This would constitute the first step of community engagement, to collect and collate ideas, that would be consulted on at a later stage.

Action: LS, SB, EL, AH, SL, DN to meet in person and sift and group the local groups, then divide them up between us to make contact. SB to liaise with FPT management to set up a meeting as soon as possible in the meeting room there. Update: meeting rooms at the FPT offices are now bookable.

HW commented that one action from the last meeting was that he would ask DN if she could get us an agenda item on the regular meetings of the Finsbury Park Town Centre Management Group. HW had attended one of these meetings and did not think that would be appropriate as the Group would be reluctant to do this as much of what we do is different from the Group’s normal standing-item agenda. MS suggested that we send them our questions for a special item on the agenda, to which we would like a collective response, as with the other user groups. HW pointed out that our own membership group also needs to see the questions. Possible action: to put these questions as an agenda item for discussion at the next Forum meeting.

6. Data Collection.

Statistics on demographics etc of each ward is needed. Action: FM?

7. Date of next meeting.

The next two dates have been fixed, to keep momentum going: Monday 1 November, and Monday 6 December, both on Zoom at 6.30pm. EL to email DN, SL and LS to see if they are available on those dates.

8. A.O.B.

HW has posted an important note on Loomio – ‘Draft General Email’ - about the next full Forum meeting and steering group member elections.

Action: everyone in all sub-groups and steering group to read the note and comment to HW by this

Wednesday 6th October.

SB and EL to attend My Space event on 6th October run by the Manor House Development Trust for young people in the Finsbury Park area, to engage them in caring for and participating in activism and decision-making in their neighbourhoods. SB and EL will report back from the event.

SB 30 September 2021


Adam Hardy Fri 1 Oct 2021 10:25AM

I'm sorry but I've forgotten what we planned to do about meeting up to have a crack at the outreach. I know we are planning on meeting in person in the FP trust.


Dorothy Newton Wed 29 Sep 2021 4:49PM

Thank you for the useful document.

I wonder if we have to get used to saying "the FP AREA" as people often seems to just think of the Park - and maybe, depending on where we are, we may have to say "FP&SG" as we know that some will identify themselves with SG first...it feels difficult to get it clear....maybe we have to start with the original questions "what do you call the area where you live?" and "would you see that as part of FP?"....


Adam Hardy Tue 28 Sep 2021 11:31AM

One thing we didn't discuss last night was whether to put these questions into an online survey. Well, I think we decided that before, but are these the questions we want?


Deleted account Mon 27 Sep 2021 5:30PM

Have we a link??


Elizabeth Lowe Mon 27 Sep 2021 2:58PM

I attach a draft of the guidance notes for the initial engagement sessions. The guidance is on p1. On P2 are the engagement questions you have already reviewed save for the general question added at the end.