Wed 9 Mar 2022 3:53PM

Fairbnb.coop for refugees - Partnership /help request

EDC Emanuele Dal Carlo Public Seen by 14

Dear cooperators,

I beg your pardon for being frank, we need a hand.

In recent days, while continuing to build our vision of regenerative tourism, we have also wondered what we could do to send a positive message in these troubled times.

We have therefore created a small international task force that is currently working on a quick fix to use our network and technology to help address the refugee crisis, finding shelters for families in need, with an immediate focus on the Ukrainian conflict but with a long-term perspective to become a structural solution.

In short words:

1. We are announcing that fairbnb.coop is working on a solution to use its technology to offer a tool for NGOs and humanitarian associations (https://fairbnb.coop/refugees/) - On the page, you will also find a button to download our press release.

2. We are connecting with leading NGOs and organizations such as Refugees Welcome and UNHCR to ensure adequate support for refugees and seekers.

3. All of this will culminate in the launch of the version of our platform dedicated to refugees that we will develop into a more advanced model in the near future, also dedicating it to the homeless and people in conditions of fragility and housing emergency. An asset for our communities available to all.

According to our plans, all of this kicks off today and should culminate within a week or so.

Let me ask you directly if I can count on the support of your organizations to help spread the message across your network and to the media. Do you think it's possible?

If it is not possible or too complex I understand it, I absolutely do not want to put you in difficulty

As a recognition of the collaboration, we could insert your brand with links on the landing page, among the partners and in the credits on the final site.

Any other kind of support to support the initiative is welcome.

I really hope I can count on your support.

In cooperation.