Thu 22 Feb 2018 1:06AM

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Farmer Frank Thu 22 Feb 2018 9:46AM

Hi, I'm a Neo-peasant I want to grow food and have no Kings and Queens only other peasants to share the food with. I like being outside all year round, I like working hard and eating what I produce as much as possible. I'm a market gardener and I do Organics and Bio-Dynamics, I know about permaculture, no dig, min-till, agroecology and all the fashionable agriculture trends. I've been organising events like Land Skills day at the Green Scythe Fair, Soil Hack, Farm Hack and Reclaim the Fields. I'm super keen to see where this all goes and would love to help do the growing.


Abigail gibbs Fri 23 Feb 2018 10:35AM

Hi all,
My growing experience has been from 10 years in a little garden learning from recurrent failures ("how did that die?!"). I think food growing is obviously essential but i also enjoy making glorious green spaces that are irrelevant to our survival needs. I am a qualified forest school teacher and I am co-director of a horticultural therapy project in Brighton working with adults with mental health issues where we work on an allotment and also a wilderness space. I have worked in social work for 11 years, mainly with young unaccompanied asylum seekers and young people in care. In my spare time I am a book pusher and have a mobile library.

I think the project sounds excellent and timely. I can donate some land and cash and possibly weeding if you get me on a good day...


Darren Sat 28 Apr 2018 11:31PM

I'm interested in alternative ways of relating to food rather than through market mechanisms as a consumer. Can we create a thriving alternative relationship with our food?

I've been involved with various community food gardens over the years, also grown food a bit working in garden maintenance and for myself.

Last year I joined OurField which is an interesting collaborative cereals growing project - although production isnt focused on providing food for members.

I've recently started volunteering at a local community supported agriculture veg growing project run by some friends, to help them out, get lots of nice fresh greens (and other veg) and learn a bit more about growing.

Keen to work with you all to produce some food.


Jon Richter Wed 24 Oct 2018 8:58PM

Hi everyone, I'm Jon.

I'm surrounded by food enthusiasts and agriculturers, and if not by them, by urban gardenists, urbanists and degrowth commoners. The bubble around me is that of mapping the ecosocial sphere through mobilising different strategies, ranging from crowdsourcing metadata management to proliferation of libre cooperation tools. In my day job I help run operations at a not-for-profit custom-scale ISP ecobytes.net, where we also host commons infrastructure with allmende.io

Everytime happy to eat the good food.