Fri 23 Jan 2015 2:17AM

Loomio, cobudget , democracyOS, API Proposal

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I've been working on a document that describes why we think the Open Vocab approach to interoperability is sensible and then gives specific reconsiderations on its implementation with regard to Loomio, Cobudget and DemoracyOS.

As I mention the document is written with a non-technical audience in mind. I plan to to share it widely within Enspiral but want to square off any technical errors here first.

Part I is now ready for review! Please give it read and provide feedback either on github issues or here.



Lynn Foster Fri 23 Jan 2015 3:51PM

@simontegg So glad to see this, this is good! And I'm really looking forward to the next sections!

Will make small comments in github issues.


Joshua Vial Fri 23 Jan 2015 9:53PM

Nice work @simontegg - I've submitted a pull request for a few typos and only real comment is the 'An astute reader' phrase struck me as slightly condescending, but very likely that's just me.

Look forward to the next sections.


Bob Haugen Sat 24 Jan 2015 2:58PM

@simontegg - one question on my mind, which you may address in your next sections, is embeddable Loomio, as in these feature requests:

We'd use it as soon as it was available. But I'm not clear if or how that fits into a data-integration strategy. Seems to require something more like a tiny app that to some extent encapsulates the data, although some data integration will be required, too. For example, a discussion about the quality of a design for a Sensorica product, and eventually, voting on the best design.


Simon Tegg Sat 24 Jan 2015 8:52PM

I'd categorise embeddable-loomio as primarily UI integration. Which is pretty fuzzy for me.

Does Oembed from Sean Tilley's comment in the second one provide that?
There's also an activity stream standard http://activitystrea.ms/

I got the distinction of UI, business-logic and data from this paper http://reasoningweb.org/2010/participants-material/paper_paulheim.pdf


Bob Haugen Sat 24 Jan 2015 10:01PM

I like the distinction, and I also like the focus on data integration.

Maybe this is wrong time and place to ask about embeddable-loomio. Might be better to ask in a discussion of tiny apps and how they can work together. So I'll table the question for now.

And I'll table the discussion of oEmbed until then, too. I think there's a lot going re UI integration that is beyond iframes, but I have not done enough with any of it to be able to say much. In other words, it's fuzzy for me too.

I think activity streams are part of the data integration challenge, but they are not the same as embedded-loomio or how tiny apps can work together in the same page (if pages are even relevant in that sentence).


Simon Tegg Sun 25 Jan 2015 3:17AM

Loomio and Cobudget teams are meeting on Wednesday to work out a plan for integration. Some kind of UI integration might be part of the mix.


Richard D. Bartlett Sun 25 Jan 2015 9:13PM

@simontegg this feels super valuable, I'm so glad you've written it for a nontechnical audience. I hope somewhere in this milieu there is a paycheck for you :)


Derek Razo Mon 26 Jan 2015 12:04AM

@simontegg - Just wanted to extend big thanks for putting your head and hands into this in prep for our meeting coming up. Seriously. Double thanks. And another one.