Sun 21 Apr 2024 4:18PM

Newspeak House Fellowship

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Just to let you all know, applications for our year-long flagship course Introduction to Political Technology are now open! This year, in addition to the six residential places, we are pleased to offer six non-residential places on the course.

Course participants spend a year immersed in a wide range of communities working to change society with technology, everything from civil servants, activists, charities, journalists, to researchers.

The course is designed to support mid-career technologists to develop a holistic understanding of the civic landscape in the UK, in order to found groundbreaking new projects or seek strategic positions in key institutions.

The course has run since 2015 and has graduated 76 fellows. 2024-25 is the second year in which the course will include content led by Newspeak House’s faculty, a group with broad experience in branches of political technology practice and theory including political organising, collective behaviour, open source software, and game design.

The course entails a commitment of approximately 16 hours per week and is designed to fit around a day job. Take a look: https://newspeak.house/study-with-us