Wed 23 Jan 2019 11:49AM

Annual assembly

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Hello! I would like to suggest dates for the general annual assembly. This to proceed in the decision needed to take place for the Node in our new home as part of Blivande.
I ask for advice if it would be better to do a weekday or weekend.

For a weekday I suggest Thrusday the 20-02-2019 6:30pm
Weekend Sunday 24-02-2019 5:00 pm.

The dates are about one months away giving the community some time to plan the agenda, spread the word and gather ideas.

Here is a link, to work on Agenda points


daniel bladini Wed 23 Jan 2019 12:59PM

Good initiative! Would suggest against any thursday since its on free flow night and any checking / reorganizing of the noden room would be impossible.


Emin Durak Thu 24 Jan 2019 2:57PM

Thanks @dianamo !
I also think it’s probably better to do it on Sunday indeed so that attendees can dedicate more quality time and there’s sufficient space for discussions...

I’d also propose to get together much earlier actually, for the same reasons.

How about Sunday at 12:00 on the 24th?

We could also organize something nice like brunch or so, to make it cosier and so on... ^



Deleted User Thu 24 Jan 2019 8:46PM

Hey Emin, I think there is an event happening around studio beta and tau on saturday, so meeting at 12 could be too early for two reasons. many involved people at blivande would have stayed up long and there might be a margin of time needed for the clean up... I guess? Maybe 16:00 is a compromise. Will involve the current board on this
@cindylarsen @christianubbesen @otto2 @hampus


Christian Ubbesen Sun 27 Jan 2019 11:42AM

Hi, the bylaws say we need to invite members to the annual general meeting at least two weeks in advance. As much of the agenda should be ready in the invitation.

The board of Noden want to do a review of the bylaws, and any change to the bylaws need to be sent together with the formal invitation. If anyone want to help out with the bylaws (if you have experience from professionalising bylaws), please do.

We decided at the last board meeting to have the general annual general assembly meeting on 31st March, It's a Sunday and the last day we can have the AGM according to our bylaws.

Any objections against this date? Otherwise I would like for us to send out a "save the date" to the wider community.


Hampus Lindblad Wed 13 Feb 2019 9:38AM

Was there a save the date mailed out?

We really do need the extra time until end of March to catch up with everything that needs to be in place by then, but that's not a reason to wait with other kinds of gatherings to help the process forward. Please self-organize and meet at the Node whenever you want. Not least if you're interesting in forming the new board come April.


Christian Ubbesen Mon 18 Feb 2019 4:59PM

I wrote a Save The Date on facebook now. Will create an event when we know the agenda.