Mon 6 Apr 2015 4:16AM

The OS//OS Code of Conduct - creating a safe & inclusive environment as a community

AI Alanna Irving Public Seen by 204

I would like to start a discussion about the OS//OS Code of Conduct, to make sure everyone is aware of it, and also talk about how we as a community can create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at the conference.

  • you can read the code of conduct here
  • everyone who has signed up as an attendee, speaker, volunteer, sponsor, or in any capacity has agreed to the code of conduct
  • we will brief all staff, volunteers, and session hosts to make sure they are aware of the code of conduct and know what to do if they notice a problem
  • if you have any concerns or questions you don't want to post here, or want to report any violations or inappropriate behaviour, there is direct contact info at the bottom of the CoC

We wrote our code of conduct by looking at codes used by other events and several online resources. Special thanks to Pycon, O'Reilly, Ashe Dryden, Geek Feminism Wiki, Kiwicon, Gather and Hopper for having really useful reference material available. If you're thinking of hosting an event definitely check out those links.

I am interested in feedback from this community, and anything else we could be doing as organisers to make the conference more inclusive, accessible, and safe. I hope that we can all feel a sense of responsibility about this issue as a community, knowing that the organisers are taking it seriously and our ears are open.


Dean Marc Co Mon 6 Apr 2015 4:55AM

Good day.

Definitely a great starting point.

Open will only work when everyone does their part, within fundamental guidelines and values, but above and beyond the call of duty when needed.


PAN & BAM | Creator: Stephen Chernishov Mon 6 Apr 2015 8:42AM

Ideally we can get beyond what we won't do, then build towards what we will do -
+ How can we create the best possible experience for everyone?
+ What will giving welcome attention and appropriate participation look like?
= We can inspire each other, make meaningful connections, get involved in working together to create, think big, ask the important questions; empower each other to be champions in open technology and culture!

  • What does this look like?..

Dean Marc Co Wed 8 Apr 2015 2:16AM

I think in the spirit of true openness, there has to be both an encouraging inclusion of what is appropriate and good but also a proper and decent handling of things/people we allow into an open society but may or may not subscribe to the code of conduct at any point in time.

An Open System does not penalise the many for the mistakes of the few by dumbing down policies and laws of inclusion and engagement.

An Open System accepts injuries because of its open nature but has the compassion to understand differences and diversity while upholding values when the interests and good will of the many is threatened.

An Open System heals itself because even when it takes assault, the majority is good and that, we trust, will prevail in the long run.