Tue 4 Jun 2019 10:10PM

Basement Space Usage

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Qinza has raised concerns and prompted a discussion about the use of space in the basement and what expectations are for new members. What are thoughts and desires for this?

Will be updated to reflect Qinza's comments at the member meeting.


michelle jackson Wed 5 Jun 2019 2:56PM

The basement feels like a good space for event supplies unless there is a space on the first floor. Would love clarity around what can be stored in the basement and where.


Marcos Salazar Wed 5 Jun 2019 7:27PM

+1 for this and would agree with Michelle. I'd love to have a dedicated space for all Prime Produce event equipment that will keep the event space clutter free but also organized so that everything is easy to find. A set of shelves for event equipment (mics, stands, etc), section to have chairs, percolators, and any other equipment that we have (and purchase) that support client events.


Marcos Salazar Wed 5 Jun 2019 7:30PM

And one other note is that that really is no place to keep event supplies on the first floor since it is such an open space (which is great). The areas where there are curtains has been a temp band-aid to hide many things but it would be amazing to have everything that is behind the curtains stored in the basement that is out of sight and also organized. This would open up the space so much and really help support the promotion of the space when showing clients.


michelle jackson Mon 10 Jun 2019 8:50PM

I’m back at PP space today. Basement has been shaping up and cafe is clearing out. In terms of event equipment, PP supplies and H+ equipment, the same spaces are still available. Putting more event supplies downstairs is a challenge. I feel like that may need to be a longer term goal or alternatively storage needs to be worked on the first floor. Something that is more permanent then the curtains we are currently using. Maybe a fake wall that can also be used for art work.


Qinza Wed 12 Jun 2019 3:36AM

Thank you for this Michelle I appreciate it. I strongly plus 1 and also propose more storage as a more permanent solution on the first floor for the fake wall.....


Rosalind Zavras Thu 13 Jun 2019 6:57PM

I haven't really been a part of the conversation, but I do want to say that I think if the basement is a studio, it should only be used to store things for the studio. Yeah I would say that I agree that we need to find a way to keep event supplies on the first floor. The basement is full for art and I hate the idea of someone going downstairs to grab chairs and then causing damage to anything that is in progress. Although I understand the temptation to use the basement for storage, our basement is a studio and I think the fewer people down there, the better.


Qinza Thu 13 Jun 2019 10:40PM

I second what Roz said and I already shared my very views about that during our last members meeting and I will post it on Loomio as well..... thank you both


Chris Sat 15 Jun 2019 12:33AM

Qinza and Saks, with the help of Patrick, have put together a proposal to seek agreement (and disagreement) to give clarity on where all members stand and the consensus building to be done. Please vote, and take the opportunity to call out points of agreement, and disagreement. Happy Friday from CA, Chris


Poll Created Sat 15 Jun 2019 12:38AM

Proposal from Qinza and Saks Closed Mon 24 Jun 2019 7:02PM

1. Saks and I originally joined PPAC with an agreement that the basement would be used by the two of us as an art studio. Future use of the space by other members of PPAC would be by our invitation, to ensure the space continued to serve its function as an art studio that was conducive to our respective art practices. In short, we were charged to be the stewards of the basement art studio.

  1. The needs of PPAC and its members have changed. Saks and I are willing to compromise in an effort to accommodate various members' and PPAC's needs for basement space.

  2. Care for the basement space reflects a care for those who use this space to support their livelihoods and artistic practices.

Proposal Points

  1. I have proposed a certain allotment of space for me and Saks. That space is less than the amount originally allotted, and it has been marked with a red line for clear demarcation. A portion of the remaining basement space has been allotted to Jerone and Amelia, and another portion has been allotted to David. Space that has been allotted to me or Saks that is not currently in use/is empty is not available for use by any other member/resident for any projects or storage, nor can be used, even temporarily, by a member with an existing allotment in the basement.

  2. If these allotments, and the conditions shared above are acceptable, they will not to be changed without a future Loomio proposal.

  3. The "dungeon," as it is affectionately called, has been allotted for use by David and PPAC for first-floor supplies and equipment. Additionally, there are 3 shelves in the basement where supplies are allotted for PPAC. There are also cleaning supplies for PPAC on the landing. Those areas -- the dungeon, the 3 shelves, and the landing --
    are the only places where PPAC materials/equipment/supplies may be kept in the basement.

  4. Other than the Dungeon, where David has use of the space, these spaces are not to be used as storage for individual members' or residents' possessions. Nor should members or residents ask Jerone, Amelia, David, Saks or Qinza to use their space to store materials, supplies, or equipment in the basement, as the additional clutter is not conducive to our art practice.

  5. New members/residents may not take up space in the basement without a Loomio proposal, since having additional people in the space can alter the allotment of space and the environment that is necessary for our art practice.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 54.5% 6 C AG DH Q SA PPG
Abstain 0.0% 0  
Disagree 18.2% 2 MJ A
Block 27.3% 3 J RZ MS
Undecided 0% 2 D D

11 of 13 people have participated (84%)


Dr Home
Sat 15 Jun 2019 1:14AM

Sometimes it is important to respect the redline on the ground. It is is a sign that someone is reaching their personal limit and boundary, and setting a firm boundary. In prpr, out of our desire for collaborative and being open minded, I see this is a strong request to honor the need to have their work space respected in a particular way.

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