eXo Platform - Loomio, Trello, G+ Combined.

TO Tom Oliveri Public Seen by 185

I know it seems every week there's a new software platform that someone is pushing us all to try.
I had a look into collaborative project management/ decision making platforms and came across eXo

Its open source, it seems to offer everything Airesis, Loomio, Trello and G+ offer, all in one beautiful website.

If you're not yet tired of signing up for new websites, please please give eXo Platform a try!

I think it can
a) help us coordinate
b) be extended to be the voting platform we push to our members.



Tom Oliveri Wed 8 Oct 2014 7:09AM

I'm currently investigating how difficult it will be to create our own voting extension.. Although it includes Polls already it would be nice if we could take this futher..

here's a screenshot..


Ricky Jefferyes Wed 8 Oct 2014 7:16AM

Great find Tom. I'll take a deeper look a little later :)


Joum Wed 8 Oct 2014 7:16AM


Joum Wed 8 Oct 2014 8:38PM

I think it is a forum format with lots of bells and whistles. It does not seem to have sub-groups.

I believe that the first site to offer sub-groups within sub-groups within sub-groups will be the platform that we can set up our first example of DDD.


Joum Wed 8 Oct 2014 8:38PM

This site is good in that it has lots of functions but I think it leaves the sub-groups disconnected from the core.


Julian Dumitrascu Mon 22 Jun 2015 7:14PM

I am interested in online collaboration and have tried eXo. I do not remember their voting application. I do not find eXo attractive, ripe or superior.
I would gather developers like those of eXo, Airesis and other applications and create a suite that meets the needs of many people / teams, has the source open, can be installed locally, and is modular, flexible and cheap. What I can already do is to share information about the many applications that I know.