Sun 18 Jun 2017 2:53PM

Wanna meet all of you in the real life

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As you may know (or maybe not), I'm on a world trip (here is my introducing : https://www.loomio.org/d/NLWVj0pb/draft-introducing-myself). So I have the possibility to meet all of you during my journey.

I am currently in Wales and I'm moving to Scotland soon. Then it will be Iceland, Greenland, America, and so on :)

What I want to propose you, is to meet you in the real life to share and work some time together :D Why ? Because you seem like very nice persons !

If you are up to that, just tell me your city and I will make a cross on my map on it ! ;)


Bob Haugen Sun 18 Jun 2017 4:13PM

We live in a housing cooperative in a canyon in the woods of the driftless area of Wisconsin USA. We have guest quarters. We also get to Madison WI often, where you might be interested in the Mutual Aid Network. If you get to this region in your travels, send us an email: [email protected]


Draft Sun 18 Jun 2017 5:26PM

Great ! I will definitely pass by ;)


miguel novik Wed 21 Jun 2017 2:23PM

: +44 7539 368228 . Text me if it’s fine for you ;)

I added this phone to talk to you in whats up and appeared another person.....

(I wanted to avoid personal message through this forum...)

Any way if you plan to come to Israel, let me know...
+ 972 584 881158 [email protected]