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We need an email address to be give to people. It would be better to have this as a mailing list so its easy to share this with multiple people. It would have been nice if loomio had this option, but loomio does not support it.

I suggest we create a private group at forum.disroot.org and set our mx records to disroot. I'm going to request someone@pirates.org.in let me know who wants to be in the list.

Disroot is community run and we have good relations with them. There are other community run services like autistici.org or riseup.net, but they may not be willing to give @pirates.org.in domain. Another option might be to run our own discourse instance. But we'll need some volunteers to maintain it.


Pirate Praveen Sun 17 Apr 2016 10:46AM

Disroot team said they don't want to host political parties or commercial organizations. I think we should setup a loomio instance on a server we manage and add the feature for email alias for groups.


Poll Created Sun 17 Apr 2016 10:52AM

Run a loomio instance on our server/domain Closed Sun 1 May 2016 10:38AM

1. This will reduce burden of loomio.org (we have the expertise to run it ourselves)
2. Give us direct control over our data
3. We can customize it as we need (membership approval and email support)
4. Better branding on our own domain

1. Need more volunteers to maintain (we can find them as we grow)
2. Need more resources (we can crowd fund it)


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 80.0% 4 PP B V RKR
Abstain 0.0% 0  
Disagree 20.0% 1 KAK
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 14 S BC RD MKT AA JI S AS PK NG A SUK UU W

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Pirate Praveen
Sun 17 Apr 2016 10:53AM

Yes, we should manage it ourselves.


Sun 17 Apr 2016 10:58AM

I support having direct control over our own data & the ability to customize look and features. Hence I agree.


Rahul Krishnan R A
Sun 17 Apr 2016 11:46AM

Manage our own server is a good idea, we can add more features and customize it according to our wish. I strongly agree to this concept.


Karthikeyan A K
Mon 18 Apr 2016 9:38AM

hmm, nope, loomio is good enough. If we want we can pay them. Lets get funding first, till then lets use free stuff.


Mon 18 Apr 2016 7:50PM

Prefer the group hosting it's own data


Bady Mon 25 Apr 2016 10:13PM

@karthikeyanak can you explain in detail why you disagreed? the reason you have already stated is that "loomio is good enough" - yes, and we are going to run this same loomio but on our own server and that too for free. loomio is a free and open-source project and anyone can deploy it to their own server as mentioned here (you may correct me if i'm wrong.). i kindly suggest you to go again through the advantages of running loomio on our server as mentioned in the proposal description and reconsider you decision.


Pirate Praveen Tue 10 May 2016 11:43AM

@karthikeyanak if we make a decision, we can ask for funds. Can you check with the loomio team if they can add support for assigning an email address to a subgroup (so new threads can be created by sending an email)? discourse has this feature already. We could crowd fund if they are okay with the idea.


Bady Fri 14 Oct 2016 6:49AM

@karthikeyanak if we can run loomio on our own server without any additional expenses can't we just do it? pls restate your opinion.


Poll Created Tue 25 Oct 2016 5:09AM

Use libreinfra.org for email on our domain pirates.org.in Closed Tue 1 Nov 2016 5:01AM

Our current email address indianpirates at mail.com does not look good (people may not take us seriously). If we use an email address on our own domain, that makes it much better.

Some of us (me, @balasankarchelamat , @tvm , Fayad and some more friends) run an email service on a cost sharing basis. We can point pirates.org.in domain to libreinfra.org mail server. We will need it even if we run our own loomio instance as well. Cost comes around 365 rupees per year, we can ask for sponsorship like we do for our domain.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 75.0% 3 PP B V
Abstain 25.0% 1 RD
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  

4 of 19 people have voted (21%)


Pirate Praveen
Tue 25 Oct 2016 5:10AM

Yes, this is a good thing to do.


Raju Devidas
Sat 29 Oct 2016 7:35AM

Using an e-mail domain of our own may look good, but using any of the privacy aware email-id providers like riseup, autistici or disroot should be fine as well. We should definitely switch from mail.com to a privacy respecting e-mail id provider.


Pirate Praveen Mon 5 Dec 2016 1:44PM

@karthikeyanak just blocking other people volunteering to do the work and not even bothering to answer for clarification is not a good way of collaborating.

@ambadyanands we can go ahead with hosting our own loomio if you are volunteering as Karthikeyan seems not interested in a discussion, even after making a direct phone call.d


Bady Thu 8 Dec 2016 9:45PM

okay, since it's not a "block" vote i think we can continue with the proposal. imo to avoid such issues in the future we should clearly state the difference(s) between a "disagree" vote and "block" vote. we should also arrive at a mutual understanding regarding how to prevent possible misuse(s) of "block" vote.


Pirate Praveen Wed 12 Jul 2017 7:01AM

Now we have hit the limit of loomio.org Free plan, they have made creating sub groups a gold feature ($19 per month). So we got to self host loomio now.


Pirate Praveen Thu 5 Mar 2020 4:48PM

Now FSCI has a loomio instance (some of our members are also part of the team that set this up @Bady @Akhil ) so we can switch to this instance and continue enjoying all the features without any limitations. We have also seen some groups forced to upgrade to paid hosting so we don't know how long our free hosting will last.