Tue 3 Jun 2014 5:09PM

Exam Exemption Policy

JA Jay Adams Public Seen by 6

I've been approached with a very well-written request from three students. They would like to return to a policy that allows students with an A average for the semester to be exempt from their final exams.

This space exists for us to discuss that policy. Be aware that this is for discussion purposes--there is no guarantee that a proposal generated here will be approved by CCS administration or school board. I plan to shut this page down at the beginning of July, or whenever the discussion stagnates.


Jay Adams Tue 3 Jun 2014 5:17PM

From a teacher's perspective: requiring students to take their finals means that they have to approach each new concept / lesson throughout the year with the awareness that they are expected to learn it for the long-term, not just cram in the short-term for this week's test / assignment.


Debbie Jones Fri 6 Jun 2014 4:22PM

From Laura and Natalie's perspective collectively:
"Being allowed to skip an exam where we currently have an A average will give us more time to study the other subjects where we didn't pull an A."

From parent's perspective: Totally agree with the above. When the girls were studying for their semester exams we noticed that so much of what they had learned previously came back to them easily. We feel like their retention level was already high. Having more time to study the subjects where there wasn't an A would be helpful.



Jay Adams Mon 9 Jun 2014 8:11PM

Is there a concern that, for some students at the very top of the academic food chain, they will get to college with no concept of how to study for final exams? If I remember correctly, one year way back when we had a student that had literally never taken a final exam in high school because she consistently had an A average in every class. What do you think, Jerame? I saw where you joined the discussion today.