Update on the South East Caravan


Sally G Fri 23 May 2014 5:52PM

Thanks; just tagged you on another discussion; I presume the information I requested is here (I am on the phone as I type this). If I need more, I will ask you here or via e-mail.


Julia Clark Fri 23 May 2014 6:26PM

There was little planning in the video. I do not have time to also tried to write a proper script and story board for the videos. My improv skills are a bit rusty. Plus a 3 min video take an hour to upload. lol #throttleMeBaby


Tricia Sat 24 May 2014 10:31AM

I liked it! It was fun and informative. You have a good sense of humor which is much appreciated by me, for one.


Sally G Sat 24 May 2014 7:13PM

Agreed; I did not get back here to comment, but enjoyed “meeting” you. I stole your title for the caravan map; hope that is O.K.


Daniel Hong Wed 28 May 2014 5:08PM

@juliaclark I have multiple problems with it: For me, it's not about the content, just the order: it seems that you didn't make any cuts, but jumbled all of your raw footage randomly! It makes the video amateur and very difficult to follow. I would rather have you create a new video (with the existing footage) of the best take of a single scene where you say everything you say (none of this "multiple perspectives").


Julia Clark Sat 31 May 2014 3:27AM

Oh I agree @danielhong it was horrible! Unfortunately I worked at the order. I was trying to be something I was not and thus three videos I could not choose for. Solution put them all together. I started with over and hours worth .

Unless you just insist that indeed it need to be replaced, maybe we can just let it get buried and forgotten. Or maybe, it should just be erased >.<


Julia Clark Sat 31 May 2014 3:29AM

The latest update from the SE Caravan! Watch, like, comment because I love comments!


Tricia Sat 31 May 2014 10:54AM

I think a video journal for the caravan is brilliant. You look quite lovely...


Julia Clark Sat 31 May 2014 2:34PM

Thank you, @triciafromphilly !

And whoo hoo someone watched my video! I use to have the numbers, so to speak, before Yahoo cohorts cowed, intimidated, and bullied me into submission and hiding, not to mention the hijacking of my site. I did not have mass media manufactured numbers, ofc. But, they were healthy and not anemic.
After I started getting death threats veiled as love lorn. I shut shop and started documenting in a hidden privately viewed journal at the [redacted] , it was breached and the data bases jumbled and my server crashed too
Anywhoo, this was all long before Occupy. :)


Julia Clark Sat 31 May 2014 2:48PM

jeez I would erase that, but I already said it out loud.

Redo: Thank you Trisha. It's awesome to feel empowered. :)


Sally G Sun 1 Jun 2014 4:10AM

Great video; thanks for sharing the flyers! Exciting that you have print/scan capabilities as you roll along. Do you have all the banner fabric, or did some get to Bobby? I was talking to Niki, who said that she and Donna will be trying to contact all South California Occupys to get a caravan (or other transport) going; she said that they (probably mostly Donna) would be willing to get banner signatures as they do so. I will send an e-mail to all of you collectively to get that ball—or banner—rolling.


Jackie Tue 3 Jun 2014 4:16AM

This is great, Julia - it's almost like being able to watch the occupations on livestream, that kind of connected-ness.

Hey do you want us to get the donate info around or wait until the issue resolved with gofundme?


Julia Clark Wed 4 Jun 2014 9:08AM

Update from the front lines.


Julia Clark Wed 4 Jun 2014 9:14AM

@jackie Thank you. yes, I would like for natgat to promote the need for donations, but I do not think the platform is suitable.


Julia Clark Thu 5 Jun 2014 2:05PM


Update. The house I shut down in Twin City was so very poltergeist-ed , for lack of better words, I have not really talked about it much outside of the community, but I have bruises with little explanation. I do not subscribe to the supernatural so much , I usually explain it away with science or credit it to the quantum sciences. However, there is such a dramatic difference in Greenbean, my dog, that is it almost impossible to dismiss. I should have gotten a picture of the mass quantities of flies. They covered the ceiling and did not bother humans. Well they did bother me when I would write. Very strange.
Had I realized how bad it was, I would have left sooner. like as soon as I moved in. lol. There really is no explanation for those flies, quantum science or otherwise.
And that really was just one thing.
For few days afterwards, I felt more than just physically exhausted. It was a weird type of tired.


Sally G Thu 5 Jun 2014 7:49PM

Glad you are out and on the road!


Tricia Fri 6 Jun 2014 1:24AM

Julia/ I am loving the video logs. May your journey be protected from any harm and blessed at every turn.
Thanks for your courage.


Sally G Fri 6 Jun 2014 2:43AM

You look sunburned; are you O.K.?


Jackie Sun 8 Jun 2014 5:47AM

@juliaclark -
just watched the 6-5 video - do you want me to use this for donation link:

also what image would you like associated with the caravan?


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 3:36PM

Than you @sallyg I am glad to be canvasing too! I am a bit sunburned and I am not powdering every video. Cornstarch covers a lot and makes me appear less sun worn. It is crazy hot in rural GA and most time is spent out doors.

@triciafromphilly Thanks! Thank you very much!

@jackie yes, I think the oolith contribute would be the best idea, if no one has objections. I'll spiff it up today. There are a few old links on there. I can make a perm link on the JuliaClark.org if that would be better.
Maybe @danielhong can do the updates there on the wordpress.

I am not sure which image. I have not thought about it. If you all want to pick one that would be fine with me

Links coming up in just a momment


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 3:41PM

I am certain, now, that my gateway is penetrated. I am going to cut all programs and apps off of it, 'cept what is absolutely necessary. .


Daniel Hong Mon 9 Jun 2014 4:39PM

@juliaclark Forgive me for not looking at all this. Uploading away!


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 4:40PM

Just had a call with Sea. He said he saw me on line and wanted to talk. Sorry for the interruption. More links on the way


Daniel Hong Mon 9 Jun 2014 4:52PM

@juliaclark Julia, I feel like I've been letting you down on our GoFundMe account, and I don't know how to amend it. Are you still wanting to use our account for fundraising?


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 5:24PM

Full size
PS. I dug a hole and found some internets <<< just joshing.


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 5:39PM

@danielhong I am on painfully slow internet. I am not ignoring, I just am very throttled. Very.


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 5:42PM

I do not know if I mentioned this ye, but I have a spammer spamming my site with love lorn.
That was exactly what happened before I got spanked so hard on Yahoo .... Sighhh....


Jackie Mon 9 Jun 2014 5:47PM

@juliaclark - ok I will use the jco fundraiser - whatever will work best for you. will also use the pic you added above.


Julia Clark Mon 9 Jun 2014 5:59PM

Here is the donation page for JuliaClark.org



Julia Clark Mon 16 Jun 2014 3:49AM

The JCO work station this week.
Seems I am funding the Caravan through onsite malware removal. The Computer on the left was crazy infected.
I did stuff that as I clicked the button I prayed it was the best educated guess I had. lol


Julia Clark Mon 16 Jun 2014 3:51AM

JC after 20 hours of binary.

I have not published these yet, I sent a message to Daniel asking what in the world to do with these!


Julia Clark Mon 16 Jun 2014 3:54AM

The Snails glow here!
First one was the unedited. ( have deleted it )
I have published that on on my g+


Julia Clark Thu 19 Jun 2014 3:19PM

Motivating reception .

Though Occupy Macon is less motivating. lol.
And the poor mayor here in Jefersonville, looked like I said a dirty word when I said Occupy, and was uncertain when her guests began speaking about it a matter fact way.


Tricia Thu 19 Jun 2014 7:17PM

I posted the video on the Facebook page yesterday.

Chris Nielsen had this comment "Video is locked out. No stream nor alternate feed. you need to mirror your videos."


Julia Clark Fri 20 Jun 2014 3:47AM

I commented, but there is not much I can do. First I do not understand what he is saying and second . There is barely enough bandwidth for one video upload... lol.


Julia Clark Wed 9 Jul 2014 12:40AM

New photos of the SE Caravan . Select photos will be published tomorrow along with an detailed article.


Sally G Sat 12 Jul 2014 2:10PM

Excellent! Posted to Facebook.


Julia Clark Mon 14 Jul 2014 3:45PM

@delphinebrody I sent you an email via gmail


Alifah Ali Wed 23 Jul 2014 6:12PM

need a georgia pickup line


Sally G Thu 24 Jul 2014 6:31AM

@alifahali I am not sure that we know of anyone in Georgia leaving now; Julia left a long time ago and has been driving cross country spreading the word and gathering stories. Sad. If I hear of anything, I will direct it here.