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IP Cannabis Policy - Decriminalization Versus Legalization

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I have looked over the Internet Party Cannabis Policy in which it is outlined that Cannabis is to be Decriminalized and treated as a health issue to put it simply.

However that was formed in 2014, a lot of new evidence has formed which may support its legalization. Both in terms of Health Benefits and also to further justify targeted removal of "Synthetic Cannabis". I put that in quotations because I've heard that its all rubbish and contains very little Cannabis.

So after the long haul, what do you guys think about the issue at the moment?

Here is our current policy

Internet Party - Cannabis Policy


Geoff Anderson Fri 30 Nov 2018 11:03AM

I think the time has come to change the cannabis laws.
Police resources are better spent stopping the synthetic substitutes and drugs like P and the opiates.

Yes there are negatives associated with its overuse and long term use, but that is true for just about anything that is abused. There are well documented long term health risks.
I don’t know much about all the medical application claims other than ‘you don’t get hangovers on pot and no one ever died by overdosing on it’, so will let others make their comments in that area.

I can speak with some authority about the effects on different types of people, having considerable experience in that area, as a doorman, security and ex member of the police.
I have seen vastly more peoples lives ruined by the legal processes of being caught, than ever as the result of the drugs negative effects.
The only time I have ever seen a pot smoker use violence, they were on other drugs as well.
This marks the major difference between pot and all other drugs including the synthetic version & alcohol.
Governments have every right fear it, as it makes the users more introspective and anti war and less likely to buy the official cool-aid. (Make of that, what you will)

I’m not fooled by the “addiction argument”. Its a dependency drug, there is little or no physical withdrawal.
I don’t buy into the ‘pot being a stepping stone into harder drugs’, any more than alcohol is.
There will always be types of people who will commit crime to get what they want, whether it be drugs or what ever and that is one of the connections worth mentioning.
When health & safety started mass workplace testing, many pot smokers gave it up. The drop in demand led many of those who relied on its sale into the more lucrative sale of synthetics & P resulting in a massive increase to crime and violence attack statistics.


Daymond Goulder-Horobin Tue 11 Dec 2018 1:33AM

Probably after some more discussion I will call a poll to determine whether we should adjust our position on this topic. Currently it is only for decriminalization which means it would be treated as a health issue but we would still not allow public usage outside of medicinal cases.


Stephen Dickson Wed 12 Dec 2018 5:33AM

There is no way in hell we should be signing this.
In fact all immigration should be stopped for the next X amount of years till the country catches up.
We can't house the people here now, to say otherwise is a bald faced lie.


Geoff Anderson Wed 12 Dec 2018 8:32PM

I don’t think decriminalizing goes far enough.
Maybe 10 years ago it would have been, but new situations have arisen.
If a patient is using it… where did it come from. Someone had to supply it.
The green fairy’s that grew it, those that refined it, and those that deliver it are still open to prosecution and fines and probably job loss.
Either it is fully legalized or there will have to be some massive licensing system put in place.
Simpler & cheaper to legalize.
I still acknowledge that there are negatives to its use, but feel society is smart enough to cope.


Poll Created Fri 14 Dec 2018 11:05PM

Should the Internet Party further push to Legalize Cannabis Closed Fri 21 Dec 2018 10:02PM

Note that once our priorities are sorted then we will discuss the fine tunings of how we will go about it.

Remember there is a difference in that Decriminalization means less criminal penalties, in the sense of our original policy most if not all criminal penalties would be taken down but we would not allow people to have it, with the exception of medicinal as outlined in our current policy.


Results Option % of points Voters
Yes - Lets extend our policy towards full legalization of Cannabis overtime. 80.0% 4 JB SD MB GA
No - Lets stick to the current path of Decriminalization and allowance for medicinal usage only. 20.0% 1 KW

5 of 657 people have participated (0%)


Geoff Anderson Fri 14 Dec 2018 11:18PM

Yes - Lets extend our policy towards full legalization of Cannabis overtime.

Lets get our terminology correct.
Decriminalize means its still an offence punishable by fines and other means.
Legalize means its not an offence at all.


Jo Booth Fri 14 Dec 2018 11:50PM

Yes - Lets extend our policy towards full legalization of Cannabis overtime.

We need to move towards a health focused policy that embraces the good and rejects the bad. a legislative framework that allows use moves it out of the criminal areana and I hope should result in better outcomes for all.


Mason Bee Sat 15 Dec 2018 12:22AM

Yes - Lets extend our policy towards full legalization of Cannabis overtime.

IMO a health based approach would be best with the taxes being pointed back into drug addiction in general.


Stephen Dickson Sat 15 Dec 2018 12:40AM

Yes - Lets extend our policy towards full legalization of Cannabis overtime.

Absolutely yes. Get rid of the cows under irrigation and replace with pot.
Lead the world in hemp plastics, clothing, medicine etc.


Daymond Goulder-Horobin Fri 14 Dec 2018 11:19PM

In our policy it was in the sense that we would treat it as a health issue

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