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Our Twitter account was suspended. We need to get some password holders together and a list of who has them.


Gregory Engels Tue 28 Jul 2015 3:30PM

The suspension of Twitter account was the fifth time during the last year. this is the first time that we have temporarily lost our followers, but this seems to be a minor technical problem, as they are all back now. (We do get however tons of "thanks for following me" automated spam messages). Twitter might have a problem, that the account is operated from different time-zones. Twitter Support have not been helpful so far.

Currently three people have access to the Twitter account: this is Jelena Jovanovic, Thomas Gaul and Gregory Engels.
The password is in the PPI Password database at https://secret.pp-international.net (one can see, who has accessed the password document since it last change).


Jelena Thu 30 Jul 2015 10:37PM

I am working on it, talking to infosec people / malware and botnets researchers, seems like a good place for starting their research.

Accounts that flooded our DM after being un-suspended are highly suspicious 100k followers accounts, also unrelated to pirate parties or areas we're interested in, and tweeting about. Seems they have been following us for a long time.....

Multiple "infosec pros" follow them though, all of them might become part of some research at some point :) as I need to learn from this.

As for PPI, all followers were back in only few hours after unsuspending account. From what I know, usually unsuspending takes few days, and retrieving followers from 1/2 to 1 day.

So we're good.
Thank you Gregory and Thomas for being supportive and awake that morning, that was terrible thing to wake up to.