Tue 1 Nov 2022 7:24AM

Specificity of language regarding content warnings

JC juniper cameryn Public Seen by 103

Hi everyone. I was reviewing our code of conduct and feel that the language regarding content warnings is pretty vague. I realize looking back I missed the opportunity last year to participate in a conversation going over the code of conduct (I was home with my kid and busier then) but nonetheless think it's likely we'll continue to grow with the way things seem to be going on meta and twitter and we might benefit from looking at this in particular.

My main concern is around the language of distressing content likely to be hurtful to others. Distressing content is likely to vary from person to person. I kind of worry such vague language could present some issues down the line, if distress alone is the bar, it could be leveraged in bad faith or in a way that's disruptive to what feels like a free and open environment if that makes sense. 

Personally I think it's important to balance a level of self-responsibility in terms of managing personal distress tolerance because I feel strongly about open self-expression, barring of course detailed graphic content and outright abusive, harassing, cruel etc behavior. I think that "includes discussions or depictions of violence, sexually explicit material, and/or common PT triggers" covers that fairly well but might benefit from some more exploration or specificity. For instance there are many common triggers and anticipating, or being expected to remember and accommodate all of them feels unreasonable to me.

Perhaps it would be helpful to also include expectations around personal distress management and practicing differentiation with one another. And responsibility to use functions that protect one from content one doesn't wish to see. I think having that specificity could help avoid potential conflicts and set a clearer bar around what's expected.

I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on this.


Steve Bosserman Fri 4 Nov 2022 3:35PM

One of the responsibilities I have is to acknowledge clear, deep thinking and honest, open expression about what is important to oneself and helpful for the group. On that note, thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. It exemplifies the kind of conversations/exchanges about sticky issues that one hopes will become commonplace in our future social and political interactions.


Stephanie Jo Kent Sat 5 Nov 2022 3:02PM

Hello everyone - I'm WAY out of scope for this discussion but am very (!) confused. I signed up two @social.coop accounts in Mastodon back in 2017 or '18... didn't get hooked...successfully logged into both last week. Today I'm trying to log back in and neither of my emails are recognized? I tried to go to the chatroom for live help, but neither email is recognized there (matrix) so I'm like... what is going on? Embarrassing to display my total ignorance here but why am I having such trouble? will be grateful for any/all help. Thanks 😓


emi do Wed 9 Nov 2022 4:08AM

I just looked up your social.coop account (@temporality) and it is still active so you should be able to log in? I'm not sure why the glitch would happen if you could log in last week. Perhaps try again? We had tech issue resolve itself a couple of hours apart earlier on without anyone doing anything differently...


Stephanie Jo Kent Wed 9 Nov 2022 1:12PM

emi, thank you so much! I logged in fine just now :) gosh the glitches throw me off -- clues that I need more taichi ;)