Mon 29 Mar 2021 12:32AM

Paid: Seeking presenter for documentary on Citizens Assemblies

LF Luke Flegg Public Seen by 241

Hello, I thought this could be a good place to ask.

I'm embarking on an ambitious documentary looking at Citizens Assemblies; past, future and ones currently in progress - what hope can they hold for bringing our democracies closer to something fit for purpose? What makes a CA effective?

We're shooting this year and will have a small budget. I'm seeking a presenter ideally from an under represented demographic in politics. Eg. Isobel Young (VICE) who can do the interviewing (and maybe some bits to camera; we can play with it).

Thanks for sharing 🙏🏼✨


Tom Atlee Mon 29 Mar 2021 12:40AM

What do you mean by “presenter”?

Tom Atlee


Tom Atlee Mon 29 Mar 2021 2:52AM

So you are doing an RSA-Animate-type of illustrated lecture video (like the link you sent)? Or is it more like the usual “documentary” film/video?

If the former, is the “presenter" the narrator or the person who originates (creates) the series of statements that are then illustrated?… or both?

If the latter, who is the “presenter” (aka, what role do they play in the documentary)?



Mofwoofoo Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:41AM

I am not sure of what I sent you since it is not included here and I have so much correspondance. I have strategies in process that have to do with humans self organizing in time to prevent our extinction and the possibility of a totalitarian takeover. I produced, wrote, and am the voice in a 7 minute animation explaining horizontal governing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8. utopiacornucopia.org ( http://utopiacornucopia.org )

And am the founder of a mostly latino artist eco community in Ecuador since 2012 (chambalabamba.org ( http://chambalabamba.org )).


Rick Cross Mon 29 Mar 2021 8:52AM

Leona Johnson is a wonderful communicator from the 8 Shields community . She has a podcast interviewing cultural creatives and ecological practitioners . She is based in Hendon Bridge.


Luke Flegg Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:02PM

Thanks Rick! I would like to talk to her.


Luke Flegg Mon 5 Apr 2021 3:51AM

@Rick Cross are you able to introduce us? I'm planning to make a decision soon!


Rick Cross Mon 5 Apr 2021 7:56AM

Hi Luke,I have copied this to Leona so you can explore if she might be able to help.


Rick Cross Sat 15 May 2021 1:18PM

Further thoughts from John who was not able to join us:

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Mofwoofoo Sat 15 May 2021 1:50PM

Hola, you are welcome to use this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&t=3s. utopiacornucopia.org ( http://utopiacornucopia.org )

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