Mon 29 Mar 2021 12:32AM

Paid: Seeking presenter for documentary on Citizens Assemblies

LF Luke Flegg Public Seen by 241

Hello, I thought this could be a good place to ask.

I'm embarking on an ambitious documentary looking at Citizens Assemblies; past, future and ones currently in progress - what hope can they hold for bringing our democracies closer to something fit for purpose? What makes a CA effective?

We're shooting this year and will have a small budget. I'm seeking a presenter ideally from an under represented demographic in politics. Eg. Isobel Young (VICE) who can do the interviewing (and maybe some bits to camera; we can play with it).

Thanks for sharing 🙏🏼✨


Barnaby Flynn Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:53AM

There's a webinar tomorrow night hosted by members of the Global Democracy Initiative, of which Global People Power is one. I have invited  World Citizens AssemblyGlobal Assembly, Progressives International and XR CAs along. I now consider networked Earth, national and local citizens' assemblies to be the more immediately scalable and accessible way to create global policies to tackle global problems. There may be someone attending who you could ask Luke. Hello Luke by the way. xx


Luke Flegg Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:04PM

Great! Thank you, I'll try to join x


Grant Peisley Mon 29 Mar 2021 11:07AM

Luke, happy to talk to you about our climate assemblies project in nw Wales. Please see here: http://www.deg.wales/gwyrddni/?lang=en

I don't think I fit your under-represented group, unless Welsh speakers is what you're after.


Luke Flegg Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:04PM

Noted! Thank you Grant, I'll come back to this.


John Whiten Mon 29 Mar 2021 11:09AM

Hi Luke

Sounds brilliant, exactly what is needed!

I am in the UK CA working group for XR and can ask if there is someone who could present for you or have a look in my wider network for someone who meets your demographic..
"an under represented demographic in politics"

I do know someone in Northern Ireland who would be great as she's a working class young single mother.

Failing that I'd be interested but I am a middle class 43 year old white male based in South Wales!




Luke Flegg Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:05PM

Thank you John! I would be delighted to be connected to her or anyone you would recommend. My phone number and Telegram is +447851054199 http://t.me/lflegg


Luke Flegg Mon 5 Apr 2021 3:53AM

@John Whiten I'm following up on your message again


Mags Mon 29 Mar 2021 7:09PM

Hi Luke - I help coordinate a grassroots democracy project, Trust the People (www.trustthepeople.earth) and this sounds like something our team might be interested in helping out with. I certainly would be! I'm a white cis female <-- definitely unrepresented in politics but not as much as others. If you're interested in a chat let me know at [email protected]. Cheers, Mags


Luke Flegg Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:06PM

I'll message you, thanks Mags :)


Mofwoofoo Tue 30 Mar 2021 1:17AM

Hola Luke, I am not sure if you have received this, so forgive me if its a repeat:

Hola, I produced, wrote, and did the voice for this 7 minute animation explaining horizontal governance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8. So, I know a lot about assemblies, having had contact with people in Rojava, Syria which has been using this method of governance/organizing for about 9 years.


Tom (Mofwoofoo) Osher utopiacornucopia.orgchambalabamba.org

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