Tue 31 Oct 2017 2:19PM

Post Election Housekeeping

M Martyn Public Seen by 97

@jobooth @fredlook @suziedawson now that the Election is over what Party housekeeping needs to happen? Do we have an AGM scheduled or something similar?


Fred Look Thu 9 Nov 2017 6:02AM

quite right! never trust a database without some reconciliation against the source documentation. Your number of valid members (from the EC point of view) will be the number of $10.00 deposits in the IP Phase2 acct for which you have web generated membership forms that demonstrate address and eligibility to vote, plus any non expired members on the database (ie est around 10! )


Fred Look Fri 10 Nov 2017 8:01AM

How did that go ? Any closer to a reliable number of members? If no garbage<> valid filter of forms or joindate query of database has occured since "new website" you will only have garbage out