Wed 12 Jun 2013 11:54PM

Providing help throughout the app

RDB Richard D. Bartlett Public Seen by 34

After a lot of feedback from people asking for more advice on how to get the most out of Loomio, Ben and I have developed some extended help information.

Currently I've dumped all of this content into one big help page, which you can see in its unstyled state here.

We've also started thinking about how to deliver this information at the right time, i.e. when people want it. Here's some examples of what we've come up with for that:






Richard D. Bartlett Wed 12 Jun 2013 11:56PM

The first change that comes to mind for me is to split up the help page into multiple pages, e.g.:

  • Basic help (introducing features)
  • More advanced info (strategies for using Loomio effectively)
  • Contact page/send feedback/join the community.

What do you think?

@matthewbartlett once we're happy with the content, would you be interested in picking up this branch to do some design work on it?


Jon Lemmon Thu 13 Jun 2013 2:06AM

Looks really great. I like the star. It makes me want to click it. If the content is really good, I could totally see myself going back to that help in the future to remember how to write a good proposal. That is... as long as the help page doesn't take too long to load. =)

So yeah, I support the idea of splitting it up into multiple pages.


Aaron Thornton Thu 13 Jun 2013 2:28AM

Nice, clean and un-ambiguous. Rich great work!
Definitely like some categories.


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 13 Jun 2013 2:56AM

The star icon was just a placeholder but then I decided I liked it. I think a ? or i icon is a bit negative, like, 'if you failed to understand this thing, click here', whereas the star is positive: 'if you would like some bonus information, click here'


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 13 Jun 2013 5:11AM

It might be a good idea to put the icon with the "Ready to make a decision?" text next to the Create new proposal button too.


Jesse Doud Thu 13 Jun 2013 5:51PM

When users are attempting to generate useful content, i imagine that really good help would assist them while they are writing it, in the same page. Those great looking links could hide content instead of redirecting to another page. Would be ideal to glance back and forth from content-generation assistance and the content itself.


Aaron Thornton Thu 13 Jun 2013 9:25PM

NIce one Jesse. There is beautiful space for help on the right. The link could just unhide it. Would also make the help specific to the current context.