Fri 30 Sep 2016 10:04PM

Do we need to Reform the Board?

NV Nikolay Voronov Public Seen by 332

i think we faced eternal problem of PPI: what is PPI?

PPI-members (and even non-members) do not understand that PPI is informal community of Pirate Parties (i.e. PPI-members), NOT the Board, NOT the PPI HQ. We (Pirate Parties) are PPI.
and because of that - we have same problem each year: whining, lack of transparency, lack of communication, expectations (it's kinda silly, what do you expect from yourself?).
for example: some party wants to join PPI and discuss some PPI-problems, writing emails to the Board and thinks that Board is PPI, but NO - it's NOT.
another example: another party (let's say - member of PPI) whining about PPI, something like: "they don't do anything for us", "they are doing something wrong" and so on, thinking that PPI is the PPI-Board, but NO - it's NOT. Board is the group of volunteers who wants to help PPI (but maybe not always know what to do, how to do, and so on). Most of parties have no idea what PPI-Board is doing at the moment, because parties are not involved in any PPI-processes (except one GA each year).

We (Pirate Parties) have biggest misunderstanding what is PPI and who is responsible for our internal problems. We are electing the Board each year and saying: "they (Board) have responsibility from this moment", such a easy way, right? But ALL that problems are OUR COMMON FAULT, each party is responsible for our problems, but having small Board is a "good" way to avoid responsibility, and it's easy way to claim the Board if you don't like something.

I think we need to reconsider structure of PPI in a new model providing opportunities (decision making process, communication tools, etc) and responsibilities at the same time.

I know it's not easy to do, a lot of questions will raise (quorum, administration, technical, bank account issues and so on), but we have to change our views and expectations if we really want to keep our community.

We tried to implement Standing Committees, it doesn't work. But we need wider participation from PPI-members. I think that discussion should be among the PPI-members in first place, not just between the PPI-members and Board. Always remember - PPI is NOT the Board.


Larose75 Mon 3 Oct 2016 1:01PM

You're right
exactly right

We have here in france) a citation which is :
Act, Explain, Assume


I think PPI board, volunters, must act with this
Act :do things, move, organize,...(as the first step of our engagement must be to ACT)
Explain : communicate (loomio, emails, facebook,...) about this action
Assume : of course, assume what actions leads

Let's reboot on this, AEA
what is our next Action ?


Nikolay Voronov Sun 16 Oct 2016 8:05AM

what is our next Action ?

negotiations between Pirate Parties (that's why i created this topic), only PPI-member can solve our problems, we have to discuss and agree on different things.
For example:
do we want to participate in the PPI-Board directly? (it can be a Board consisting of representatives of all ACTIVE Pirate Parties), do we are ready to make step forward to direct democracy?

and of course each party have to describe all issues about PPI