Thu 10 May 2018 3:50PM

Consent vs Leadership

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This thread is to discuss how consent and leadership are both a vital part of the community and how the relationships between the two should function. When can a leader make a decision and when does the decision come down to a consent vote?


Dani Thu 10 May 2018 4:00PM

I really recommend reviewing this section on leadership development and decision making in the Community Tool Box from University of Kansas (link attached). This is one of the most comprehensive and clear collections of information on a vast array of topics within the community building framework.

Paraphrasing, this is where I also stand on the subject:

When there's a decision to be made, who gets to make it? Should decisions be made by a single person, by a committee, or by the entire group? Each of these methods is valid, and each may be appropriate for your group under different circumstances. In general, when determining who will make decisions for your organization, consider the following:

~1~ The perceived importance of the decision to the group
~2~ The time available to make the decision
~3~ The number of other decisions that have to be made
~4~ The degree to which the decision requires specialized expertise
~5~ The interest and time others have in making the decision

When the decision is important, when there's plenty of time, when other matters are not pressing, when less specialized expertise is involved, and when others express their interest in making the decision -- these are all situations in which decentralized decision-making or a group decision may be appropriate.

But when opposite conditions hold -- in an emergency, for example, or when expert information must be processed, or when no one cares very much -- the decision might be better made by a smaller group, or even just one person.


Ticon Storay Thu 10 May 2018 4:22PM

This is a great resource!


Ticon Storay Thu 10 May 2018 4:25PM

My main comment is that there are so many factors playing into every decision that if we allow too much to be by consent, the very act of communicating and thinking will be enough time to make decision ineffective. I think we should really consider what needs to be consent and what can go with the flow. At this point there are 5 main points that need to be addressed. In this event that puts more 'work' on the core crew to work through their emotions, critically think about the situations(separately) and come up with a solution for each one that others consent on.


Joshua Reed Thu 10 May 2018 11:38PM

I think moving forward decision making is with only Roots and Actual Trunks. I agree a lot with what the resource said and what Dani posted above about decision.


Ticon Storay Fri 11 May 2018 3:10AM

I think the key comes down to what decision need to be made, once we categorize them it is easier to see which ones need the different types of decision making. For example, when someone needs to leave the farm, it could be a majority vote and not a consensus, which takes more to make happen.


Joshua Reed Fri 11 May 2018 10:15AM

I dont think it needs to be consensus. I believe a consent vote would be more appropriate (like all decisions). Consent vote meaning Everyone agrees or has no strong objection agaisnt the vote. I brought this up in the Roots and Trunk FB Group


No strong or significant objections towards the decision and open for moving forward. If someone not consenting and does not have another option then Consent vote is passed till it is brought back up or readdressed or other options that all Consent on