Tue 6 May 2014 1:49PM

Individual Actions

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In the past week I've had my access to the group removed by a single individual who seems more concerned with my personal life, parents, eating habits & personal spiritual path than the work of Occupy or National Gathering.

Just wondering if anyone cares or has noticed.

This is what happens in Occupy when a single person has top level access to online assets.

Lots of he said, she said distraction..

But from what I can tell the person is attempting to make a recent attack upon me into a chance for them to make known their feelings on non-violence & Occupy while accusing me of the same.

Projection 101 in Psych circles folks.

So you folks need help or not?


Sally G Tue 6 May 2014 2:10PM

I am not happy with the way this happened; I believe more than just one person had issues with such things as your setting up multiple stirring committees that seemed to duplicate what was already in existence, etc., but I also believe that it was being addressed and that we were all learning to work together, accommodating differences in styles and experience, etc. I was not in the city on May 1; I do not know what happened between you and Sumumba, but I really regret that it spilled into this group, which has few folks from New York (hence mainly not directly involved).
You say “This is what happens in Occupy when a single person has top level access to online assets.” I do not quite understand that; we have multiple administrators on just about everything of which I am aware. We do tend to respect the decision of one administrator once made, though not without question. It seems that there was a small group that agreed in this case; I think it should have gone to a larger group either before the action was taken or, if it was felt that immediate action was needed, right thereafter. I did not find out about it until later; I am asking questions and trying to understand the full situation and getting it redressed amicably.


Justin Tue 6 May 2014 7:18PM

The story changed as it happened.. That's what I'm pointing out.

When one person can change the passwords and lock others out. She did it twice.

Gave it back in the evening then changed it again in the morning even though the issue had been resolved.

Also the Loomio wasn't public & had a single Coordinator at top until I mentioned I had been locked out...

Just funny seeing the lengths this woman is going claiming to support me when actually she is making issues out of her misunderstandings of our community.

This started as a Tweet mentioning the Tea Party. The video RT came after & had been resolved- she un-rewtweeted and gave back the password to Twitter.

I'm seeing this alot since being attacked- folks are using it as a window for their personal politics.

Don't even get me started about her attempts to cite I broke the Chi Town principles- She posted them in the Loomio group AFTER she explained I had broken them & had been removed from the group.

Group never consented & I never saw bc she removed me from group.

You see how I'm dumb founded?

I'd just like to note we see this alot in folks who were not apart of a 24 physical occupation... when faced with increased horizontal processes, transparency & community accountability they take begin to take things personally and often attack those bringing core OWS values into their already existing efforts.

Stirring Committees are a way to spread the work out- they do not diminish or replace other groups. People focused on power tend to think there is a threat to their efforts.. when actually they compliment.

The small group that started effort needs to take a look at how their need to be in all the groups is slowing things down & causing conflict.

Delegate. It's not about who or how we organize but the WHY & the WHAT.


Sally G Wed 7 May 2014 3:55AM

“The small group that started effort needs to take a look at how their need to be in all the groups is slowing things down & causing conflict.”
As you know, I am one who likes to be in on everything, but I do not see myself creating conflict, or slowing things down; am I missing something? I think I can often keep communications open between folks who are not in so many of the groups, as I often have firsthand knowledge that can prevent misunderstandings or erroneous assumptions from allowing conflicting actions to be pursued. (Is this at all clear?; I think I need sleep!)


Justin Thu 8 May 2014 6:03AM

It's the classic act like nothing happened it seems now.. lolz. one way to deal with accountability. anywho..

part of the issue is too many channels of non transparent communications.. things will iron themselves out as people find the area they click with & get their fingers out of too many pots..

im glad u help keep the communications flowing- tho id love it more if you posted a profile pic heheh


Sally G Fri 9 May 2014 3:01AM

Yeah, I figured we would come back to the picture! lol; at least you are still talking to me. I notice that there are fewer pics here than on other social sites.
No, I realize that something did happen, not denying that, just trying to find a way to move us all forward. I did see Tricia posting on another conversation that she wants to learn more about administrating, and regrets having banned you, so while it was painful maybe it was a worthwhile learning experience for her (though as a mom—no, sending a kid to his/her room is a classic mom technique, right?)