Subgroup meeting - Mon Nov 1st at 6:30pm

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Adam Hardy Wed 10 Nov 2021 12:45PM

OK point taken, but I think we have to admit as a group that we need to more to engage the public.

The all-important vote at some distant point in the future is highly likely to be in favour of what we put in the plan, but we have to get the people to vote and it has to be quorate or all our effort is for nothing.


Francesco Mellino Wed 10 Nov 2021 12:15PM

My point was about expressing our personal views. The Spitafilds leaflet is sharing the views of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, we don't have one yet.

I hope we will be very vocal about what's in our plan and its main selling points, once we agree what these are. Until then, I'd prefer we took a more neutral and nuanced approach.


Hugh White Wed 10 Nov 2021 11:51AM

Note that the Fof FPk AGM is at 7:30 on 10th Nov.


Hugh White Wed 10 Nov 2021 11:51AM

I have added slides for elections. Here is the pp with these included (used latest version)


Adam Hardy Wed 10 Nov 2021 11:46AM

@Francesco Mellino - in fact, everybody - you might want to note the calls-to-action on their flyer that Linda just posted from Spitalfields. I think it raises the question of what attitude the forum is actually supposed to take. Are we meant to be completely impartial? It seems unlikely considering that as residents, we can hardly be expected not to have opinions. Or is the Spitalfields forum out of order?


Linda Royles Tue 9 Nov 2021 6:14PM


Linda Royles Tue 9 Nov 2021 6:11PM

I was in East London and saw these double sided flyers. I thought they were quite impactful


Linda Royles Tue 9 Nov 2021 6:08PM

Thanks Adam!


Adam Hardy Sat 6 Nov 2021 12:37PM

Can I just ask who needs access to the contacts list on Wordpress?

I think @Lawrence Singha and @Hugh White already have access (I'll forward the link when I've set the others up - or maybe better, I'll put together some simple steps for using the list).

I think it was only @Linda Royles and @Elizabeth Lowe who asked? I'll set you up and you should receive an email on the email address where you last received an email from the forum.

Anybody else, please yell and I'll set you up too.


Francesco Mellino Fri 5 Nov 2021 7:12PM

The ask for this particular sub-group was to pull together a slide covering the engagement activities. Thanks for confirming that @Dorothy Newton will look into this, @Elizabeth Lowe.

@Susan Lowenthal, the remaining TBC sections are Steering Group Elections and Next Steps

Everyone should have access to the latest version of the presentation saved in google drive (https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1z91PCh5QuQw9TK7I31nsrjRUlppVOrHI) please be careful not to delete it.


Elizabeth Lowe Fri 5 Nov 2021 7:07PM

I've since had a chat with Dorothy and she/we will address the engagement of residents and businesses. I don't know about the other 'tbc's.


Susan Lowenthal Fri 5 Nov 2021 6:49PM

I’ve looked at that, but I don’t know which ‘tbc’ items others have responded to, and don’t want to duplicate. Any idea where there are still gaps?


Elizabeth Lowe Fri 5 Nov 2021 5:24PM

Hi Susan, I think there are agenda items on the draft slides that are marked 'tbc' that need someone to take up the issue. Matthew's email of 31st October gives details.


Susan Lowenthal Fri 5 Nov 2021 4:09PM

I’m not sure what’s needed from me - I don’t have anything specifically identified for me to address?


Francesco Mellino Thu 4 Nov 2021 1:54PM

Just a reminder to the engagement subgroup to submit (i.e. email me) your slide for the forum meeting by tomorrow (Friday).

You can use the template attached (which is the same that Matthew circulated)


Adam Hardy Tue 2 Nov 2021 7:56PM

@Linda Royles you've nailed it - that would have been the sensible approach. Unfortunately social media by its nature tends to encourage participants to dumb down their content, and I'm certainly not immune to that. I am aware and I do try but the occasional post will be sub-optimal.

One problem we have though is that I seem to be the only one on Twitter - we lost Geraldine last year when she decided to concentrate on something else. Lawrence does Instagram I think. We could do with more posts from more of us, with a bit of a discussion about the "voice" that we want to use for FPSGNF.


Linda Royles Tue 2 Nov 2021 7:03PM

Thank you both - is there a way to reframe this tweet and instead pose this as a question - one that seeks to engage and informs views surfaced here but on twittersphere? Asks naive of n4


Francesco Mellino Tue 2 Nov 2021 4:30PM

I'm not disputing the negative environmental impact of concrete high-rise development, but not all high-rises are built (or will be built) that way. Crucially, to comment from the account "no more towers" expresses a view that is not that of the Forum, nor that of the community with which we're trying to engage with.

Because of the nuances of the topic (e.g. what if the tower is in cross-laminated timber and built to PassiveHaus standards?) I would refrain from sharing opinions from the Forum's account.


Adam Hardy Tue 2 Nov 2021 4:17PM

That was me. I assume we are all against climate change? The article is pretty damning.


Francesco Mellino Tue 2 Nov 2021 3:57PM

I just checked our Twitter account and noticed that we shared the article below with a comment against more towers in Finsbury Park. Is this the official position of the Forum?

I don't want to start a debate about whether high-rise buildings are good or not, but purely pointing out that our social media messaging suggests that we as a Forum are against them.

If this is not the case, please whoever manages that account refrain from posting personal views and framing them as the Forum's views?

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/N4NPForum/status/1453663510710431746


Susan Lowenthal Tue 2 Nov 2021 3:07PM

Hi All

Recent tweet from Tiffany:

Here is the new link with the same questions. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc4rmGoMd_Z0zZq0E6Y39tMngxPN8u7TYXLWXgK6Y1bpZrq6w/viewform

She also thanked me for sending it to @N4NPForum.



Dorothy Newton Tue 2 Nov 2021 10:20AM

I just clecked it and it said "this survey is currently closed". I'll mention it to Ruth Clarke from the FP Network of Women's Groups this morning and see if she's seen it D


Linda Royles Tue 2 Nov 2021 8:56AM

will do


Susan Lowenthal Tue 2 Nov 2021 8:44AM

I don’t see why not - she seemed keen to get as many responses as possible & her deadline is looming!


Linda Royles Tue 2 Nov 2021 7:23AM

Can I circulate this around some of the groups I manage locally ?


Linda Royles Tue 2 Nov 2021 7:23AM

good luck today and sorry I cant make this


Susan Lowenthal Mon 1 Nov 2021 8:12PM

And here’s the survey link from A-level student Tiffany that she put on Twitter. She also said it only takes 2 minutes and she needs responses by next week. As discussed, I will see if I can make direct contact to let her know about us.

“If you live in the Finsbury Park ward in the Islington borough can you please answer my survey titled "Opinions of the Finsbury park station and the nearby area". This is to help aid my research for my A level geography NEA. Thanks! #finsburypark”



Susan Lowenthal Mon 1 Nov 2021 8:04PM

Here’s a reminder about tomorrow’s Finsbury Park SNT meeting - I might make it, but Elizabeth said she could.

Dear Ward Member,

Come and meet your local team tomorrow at Costa Coffee outside Finsbury Tube Station between 12:00 and 13:00 PM.


Finsbury Park SNT


Susie Barson Mon 1 Nov 2021 5:29PM

Hi, sorry I can't find my Zoom link in my calendar; could someone kindly post the Zoom link here for our meeting at 6.30?

Thanks, sorry to be a pain. Dunno what happened there, it worked fine last time from the calendar .


Francesco Mellino Mon 1 Nov 2021 4:24PM

I won't be able to make today's Engagement meeting, apologies.

However, @Elizabeth Lowe reminded me that at the last meeting I raised a potential issue with us collecting personal data as part of our engagement processes.

Ideally, we should strike a balance between collecting personal data on ethnicity, postcodes, etc. and the need to ensure our engagement process has been inclusive and representative of the local community.

These aspects should be captured, but it should be clear, while we're in the process of collecting the data, that individual persons will not be identifiable unless they agree to be so, and in that case they will have the right to access the information we hold on them and request for it to be deleted.

I trust @Lawrence Singha can implement the same systems that are in place for our Membership list to remain GDPR compliant.


Linda Royles Mon 1 Nov 2021 12:38PM

Great questions E. In case there is chance to ask, I was wondering how they are with EID - equality, inclusion and diversity? Also an open question such were there any sorts of groups that helped raise your profile of membership (for ideas and also to use as leverage - for example, if a NF got specific help from their local council.. ) See you later


Susie Barson Mon 1 Nov 2021 12:21PM

Great questions Elizabeth. We could also ask how they engaged with young people (we now have an 'in' with the My Place 'team but it would be good to know how other Forum's went about that); also, we could request any top tips from them that may not be covered by the questions.


Elizabeth Lowe Sun 31 Oct 2021 7:29PM

I have an action to contact other NFs. I propose contacting Somers town and Kentish town. I attach the queries I propose raising. Comments/additions welcome.


Elizabeth Lowe Sun 31 Oct 2021 6:35PM

Here is the agenda for tomorrow. The minutes of the meeting of 27th September are on the thread for that meeting.


Susie Barson Thu 28 Oct 2021 11:32AM

Hallo everyone,

Sorry was out of town yesterday and didn't see the emails til this morning. Let's stick with the Zoom for Monday's meeting, the link to which Adam has already sent out, as Heenaaz is only part time so it is a bit short notice to fix the meeting for Monday, (though I must book the next Planning group meeting with her.) 'See' you at the meeting on Monday evening. Cheers. Susie


Linda Royles Wed 27 Oct 2021 6:25PM

Im the haringey bod, let me know if I can look over my patch - I have 20 years in the area. Where poss I will add ones to that. Happy to engage where poss, including farmers market, school etc. I am currently connecting Neighbourhood Watch groups to discuss safety and crime and also linking in with reclaim streets march 04 Dec from Lidl through Fins park to ducketts common


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 27 Oct 2021 5:24PM

I will circulate an agenda in the next couple of days. Please let me know of any items you want to include.


Adam Hardy Wed 27 Oct 2021 5:19PM

This is the thread for the current Engagement subgroup, including the meeting on Mon Nov 1st.


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 27 Oct 2021 4:13PM

Adam, Lawrence, Dorothy, thank you for your work on this.

Adam please send me the login password and anything else I need for the Wordpress site.

I believe our next action needs to be to identify a smaller group from the 37 who would be the apex of a triangle of contacts..i.e those who could put us in touch with other groups/sectors that we could engage with. We will want to contact as many of the 37 as we can..but as a start we need to use those who can best extend our network. I'll make this an agenda item for Monday's meeting.


Adam Hardy Tue 26 Oct 2021 5:52PM

Dorothy and Lawrence provided most of the input here, identifying 37 groups from the Islington Council list who we should contact as part of the engagement drive.

The 37 groups are now in Wordpress with their email address and ready to be contacted.

You'll need a login to our Wordpress website, so you'll have to let me know. We can keep notes there and share tasks to make sure we don't duplicate our efforts.

Next steps - to start contacting them and to find a source for Haringey and Hackney groups.

The questionnaire needs doing as well - for the public meeting, for the website for anonymous web users and for filling in as a result of the outreach, I think?


Elizabeth Lowe Mon 11 Oct 2021 5:20PM

We have an action from the last engagement subgroup meeting to review/group the community organisations in the Forum Area.  I suggest we aim to have this done by our next Engagement subgroup meeting on Monday 1st November.

Adam please would you set up a poll for a meeting between Wednesday 13th - 30th October. I suggest you include Saturdays but not Sundays.

I have extended this thread beyond engagement sub group members should any SG members wish to attend or have key points we need to take into account

Dorothy, Adam, Lawrence I hope we can find a date that suits you all as it would very helpful if you can join us as you have done most to compile/discover the lists.

Susie has investigated and confirmed that we can use the FP Trust offices and will book a room once we have agreed a date.

Please do complete the poll. I know that we all have other commitments though am hopeful we can get a nucleus of 3/4 to get us started. Thank you.