Mon 11 May 2020 11:53AM

Youth Alternative UK - Mentoring/Supporting the next generation

RB Rosamonde Birch Public Seen by 13

Is there potential for mentoring/supporting young people/youth organisations?

Working with young people to explore 'alternative' approaches to grassroots politics is connected to the aspirations of A/UK. Additionally, as a Citizenship Educator and workshop lead in political-literacy I have observed a huge interest and desire for a 'different politics' amongst young people and young adults.

What might this look like?

Who might A/UK link with?

What already exists?

I am keen to put together a summary report that will include a) Models/approaches, b) Connections/links, c) Offer/content


Alex Cooper Tue 2 Jun 2020 9:03PM

Came across this and thought you might like to take a look, (if you haven't already!)



Rosamonde Birch Thu 4 Jun 2020 12:35PM

Thanks Alex, that is a really useful model to review. It looks quite similar to the work I was doing for the UK Parliament with youth engagement and they are supported by my old department. Some good case studies of youth voice and political action - could extend on these ideas around community grassroots politics for change?


Rosamonde Birch Mon 21 Sep 2020 8:00PM


We had a lovely co-creator gathering on zoom this evening and received additional feedback on the initial summary report and proposals for a Youth Alternative UK programme.

Here is the summary document if anyone wants to take a closer look and give any additional feedback.

Our next steps will be:

  1. Access some seed / pilot funding to develop these ideas with a youth team.

  2. Identify a youth team who is keen to co-create with us

Thank you everyone who has fed ideas, feedback and support for the journey.