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OPEN 2020 Fringe - Propose a session

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Want to run a session at OPEN 2020 online? Here's what you need to know...


Oli SB Wed 27 May 2020 9:22AM

HI All,

The old "propose a session" thread which we kicked off when the conference was a face-to-face event has now been superseded by this thread - for the online version of OPEN 2020.

So, if you are interested in running a session please post a SHORT (500 words) proposal below which outlines:

  • The title of your proposed session

  • The objective of your proposed session

  • What attendees will get out of it

  • What level it is pitched at (Beginners, intermediate, advanced)

If your proposal gets 10+ positive reactions we invite you to pick a suitable time for the event, arrange a zoom / Jitsu / other meeting space (unfortunately we can't offer our meeting tools) and submit the event to the OPEN events calendar

We will mark your event as OPEN FRINGE on the calendar - and explain there will not be moderation from The Open Co-op - and will help promote it as part of the event.

The Fringe sessions will run in parallel to the main OPEN 2020 prog giving people more options of things to attend and enriching the conversations. If the organizers can video their fringe events we will publish them on the blog too - and we will try to capture and share any feedback from the fringe events as part of the summary to the two days.

Any questions - please ask!


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Bristol Pay - a possible future for local currencies Closed Sat 30 May 2020 11:03AM

by Diana Finch Tue 2 Jun 2020 9:18AM

Thanks for your interest. I'll set up a Zoom on Friday 12th at 2pm as part of the Fringe event.

The session will start with a whistle stop tour through the history of the Bristol Pound and the learnings we have gained from running the UK's largest local currency for 8 years.

Then we'll move onto the development of our ideas for a new approach to helping the economy to transition to be greener, fairer and stronger, which we're calling Bristol Pay.

The new platform will combine an e-wallet system for normal sterling transactions, and token schemes. The e-wallet itself will create some benefits, such as a more accessible solution for digital money for those excluded by the banks, as well as ensuring that any surpluses created from transaction charges can be ploughed into local environmental and social projects. Tokens will be the main way that the platform creates impact though, with two main use cases - a) as a medium of exchange to support LETS and timebanking, and b) as a reward scheme for engaging people in activity that will help to address climate change. the social care crisis, air quality etc... We'll talk about the concerns we're uncovering as we develop this work, and the next steps we're taking.

Attendees will get an honest and open reflection of some of the pitfalls in currency design. It will be pitched such that anyone can engage with it who has even the slightest interest in local currencies and their potential.


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Jordi Vidiella Amposta
Thu 28 May 2020 12:31AM

Where can I find more about all the details of the Bristo Pound? I'm very curious :) Thanks!


Josef Davies-Coates
Thu 28 May 2020 11:14AM

Be interesting to hear what the latest is.


Bob Haugen
Thu 28 May 2020 7:09PM

Where will time and venue be posted?


Oli SB Thu 28 May 2020 10:13AM

more info o Bristol £ can be found at https://bristolpound.org/ but I think Diana's proposed session will cover more about the latest developments :)


Jordi Vidiella Amposta Fri 29 May 2020 2:11AM

Thanks Oli!


Diogo Jorge Mon 1 Jun 2020 3:39PM

Hi Oli,

I have to share an outcome, should I choose a date and time? how are
these sessions, is it a live conversation, how long?

Can I schedulle to saturday morning?



Oli SB Mon 1 Jun 2020 3:50PM

Yes - please pick a time slot which suits you - and as many participants as possible - this can be whenever you like and does not have to be on the 11th or 12th - once you have chosen your slot please add your event to the calendar at: https://open.coop/events/ with the title of the session ans the description you wrote here, and links for how / where people should register to join... if you don't have a zoom room / other video tools look at https://meet.collective.tools/


Diogo Jorge Mon 1 Jun 2020 4:50PM

thanks, sorry about about asking in the wrong proposal...


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Distributed Autonomous Agroforests Closed Sun 31 May 2020 10:01PM

by Diogo Jorge Fri 5 Jun 2020 2:10AM

Dear participants. I just finished the presentation and I really hope to meet you all in this session. I am going to schedulle it for sunday june 7th at 3 pm CST. I have posted the presentation on youtube, divided in 2 parts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TagESMrvy9c&feature=youtu.be

I count on you to watch the video before the session so we use it most for discussion, Q&A and planning next steps. Seeya!

Zoom address: Topic: Diogo Jorge's Zoom Meeting

Time: Jun 7, 2020 05:00 PM Sao Paulo

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 768 4932 2336

Password: 3A0zyB

The session will start with a 15 min presentation about the concept created after 6 months interaction of the hub Joint Agroforest Ventures. A way to kickstart basic cooperation initially with training and education, using small peri urban lots collectively managed with agroforestry under a lease contract. From that baseline we will present a model of platform divided in 6 sectors namely:

- White sector: IT

- Yellow sector: Finances/Common administration

- Blue sector: Law/Arbitration

- Red sector: Marketing/Communication

- Green sector: Agroforestry development

- Orange sector: Culture/Tourism/education

The model will provide our view on how the different stakeholders can collaborate on supporting autonomous learning sites and have their collaboration fairly rewarded using blockchain technology. The second half of the session will be devoted to answering questions of the attendants and to propose next steps.

Explaining for five year olds:

- Hey kids, how are you all tonight? How about we try to imagine a place, not necessarily urban because of the high prices, but periurban, because nowadays many have cars. Imagine it full of trees and swings, fruits, picnics, friends, celebration and teamwork? Lets imagine we want to create all of that, how would be the first step. How could we do that? How about we find people with land to offer, and connect them to people wanting to regenerating it? Well, It has a lot of sectors, is a bit complicated to organize, but it all started with one small step. This small step is the educational model agenda. Education in agroforestry.

Education to secure food and seeds and to train agroforest enterpreneurs away from academia. Making a collective action research, securing food, seeds and knowledge. With this principle taken care of new stages of organization and creativity will emerge, new ventures, new contracts, new tools, etc. Now imagine hundreds of these places sharing designs, machinery, infrastructure, logistics, production, celebrations...

Here in Brazil feels like it is happening, many collectives, many middle class people from different backgrounds wanting to learn. There are so many great governance tools today that allow us to do it. Im not used with all of them, but I do this "governance of the lot" with the groups I facilitate, and thats why I know it is doable. Hope it is a little clearer now, it was first commented on this thread: https://www.loomio.org/d/LJvFktsl/comment/2260643?utm_campaign=discussion_mailer&utm_medium=email&utm_source=comment_replied_to I will leave with a 12 min documentary that pictures a little of the agroforest movement that is going on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSPNRu4ZPvE&t=328s


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Vincenzo Giorgino
Fri 29 May 2020 7:37AM

It's a great project indeed!


Bill Morrisett
Fri 29 May 2020 12:45PM

Maybe change the title to "Distributed Autonomous Urban Agroforests" to emphasize where this solution applies.


Fri 29 May 2020 4:31PM

I'm honestly not sure I understand what this is. Can you try to add an "explain-like-I'm-five" for outsiders? I'm voting yes regardless, because I'm intrigued by the phrase "autonomous learning sites"!!!


Billy Smith
Sat 30 May 2020 7:18AM

Further comment below...


Poll Created Tue 2 Jun 2020 2:30PM

I think we have a problem! Closed Fri 5 Jun 2020 2:02PM

by JDN Wed 10 Jun 2020 8:06AM

I seems that proposal was far from being clearly stated. My bad. Sorry for that. :)

Maybe just an answer to the question posted.

If you take any of the words from set 2 you end up dead, sooner or later. From natural causes. Nothing you can do.

Any word in Set 1 is just a figment of our imagination. They do not exist. They are there only because we "believe" that to be "true". We take them for granted.

Yet for each and every word/concept in this set1 there are thousands or even millions of people dead. We are killing each other because of a dreamed up concepts. Concepts that we take for granted and do not think about them at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a problem. And it is not the kind that “Huston” can solve. “Huston” is a big part of a problem.

We have a problem, for almost everybody on this planet believes in some general, almost sacred truths that run this “civilisation”. The things that we take for granted, not thinking about them at all.

Yet, it might be that precisely such things - mind-frames we depend on, things we just assume - could and do hinder paths to a solution. What if there is another perspective? Another interpretation of “some facts of life” that we all take for granted, that rule our lives so much, that we can not fathom anything beyond? What if these granted things, these truths carved in civilisation’s stone are just a kind of religion, based on irrational belief?

What about - lifting this veil of some of the “things we take for granted” just to rattle the things up a little? We might find something useful. I am not going to talk about general things. Will talk about things, we all think about when searching for answers, like "new economy", values, purpose.... I do not pretend that I have all the answers. But maybe there are some “more proper” questions to be asked? You know, like: “Right question is already a half of an answer.”

It is all about hidden assumptions we have. When thinking about the problems, solving them, we are not aware of those hidden assumptions. And some of them are quite erroneous.

Here's little bit of a teaser.

We have two sets of words. We all - more or less in a same way - understand the words and contexts they represent when thinking about them. Here they are:

Set 1:

socialism, communism, economy, money, price, state, banks, corporations, cooperatives, law, constitution, state borders…

Set 2:

sustenance, food web, ecosystem, observing, being mindful, copying, teaching, scientific method…

The question is: "What is the major difference between contexts these two sets represent?"



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Leo Sammallahti
Tue 2 Jun 2020 3:31PM

I have difficulty understanding what this session would be about. The terminology we use in solving problems?


Simon Grant
Thu 4 Jun 2020 1:34PM

I'd like to talk this over with JDN first before making up my mind on this one.


Simon Grant
Fri 5 Jun 2020 12:51PM

I'd like to talk this over with JDN first before making up my mind on this one.


JDN Tue 2 Jun 2020 3:41PM

Also. Terminology is consequence of assumptions. It is all about hidden assumptions. Things you/me/we take for granted. Like "value in economy" for example. What is it? What does it represent? How do we define it? For example:

EC Riegel defined “Value” as “ the Relativity of Desire”.

I disagree quite profoundly. Desire is just one of the “dimensions” in Value. One can’t desire things needed for survival. One needs them.

So can we redefine it without "economy based hidden assumptions" - like monetary,-> value is money, you will buy what you "desire".. etc.

What would happen with if we would define “value” in this way:

In evolutionary biology term fitness describes a representation of reproductive success of individual and hence survivability of its genes over time. It encompasses everything that helps individual to be successful in natural selection.

“Value” is “something that enhances the fitness of an ecosystem”.

Imho, that brings in new sets of dimensions. Not just "closed economic" ones.

Thanks for comment. I also have some hidden assumptions, as you can see. :)

Have added this in text to clarify:

It is all about hidden assumptions we have. When thinking about the problems, solving them, we are not aware of those hidden assumptions. And some of them are quite erroneous.


Poll Created Tue 2 Jun 2020 9:14PM

Turning Our World Into An OASIS using NextGen Technology Closed Tue 9 Jun 2020 9:02PM

The objective of the proposed session

The objective of the session is to explain the concept behind U.C Systems.

U.C Systems is a non-profit organisation. This platform is currently made up of two sub-Platforms. Our World & The BEB (Built Environment Blockchain). 

We have created a public umbrella company to provide all companies who share the same values and who share the same values and align with the core beliefs, can each plug in, connect, and work towards seamless interoperability between all systems and platforms, to produce the new internet infrastructure. An internet Infrastructure that can benefit the masses. 

Our platform uses an integrated software layer that has been designed as a modularised network of networks (an abstraction layer over the whole internet) that enables everything to plug into everything else through the OASIS API and will allow integration between any other system/platform/social media ecosystem. A simple plug and play technology and methodology that can adapt to any company, any industry, system, or process leaving the end user with an increase in capabilities through our easy to use User Interface. This is also like the 3D VR UI to Holochain and will allow Holochain to bridge to all other technologies helping to increase adoption of Holochain.

We have focused on two areas. entertainment & leisure, which has Unity Consciousness and spirituality heavily imprinted within the core architecture, and the working environment, which focuses primarily on raising productivity and sharing wealth & opportunity. Our AR/VR/IR Unity engine will allow us to gamify real world activities in a virtual 3D world, and virtual world activities in the real world in real time.

For business use this could be 3D logistics systems, construction projects, infrastructure development and lots more!

For entertainment and leisure use this could be open world AR/VR video games & decentralised social media ecosystems.

Our World is a real-life simulation of the world, a software platform, ecosystem, app store, asset store, operating system, social network, and the UI to the new decentralised distributed internet. It has the power to change the way we interact with each other, locally and globally. Our World will awaken humanity in realising the potential of technology in our day to day lives. It will teach us the values and repercussions of every action we take. Over time this will have a profound positive effect on generations to come.

The B.E.B platform has been designed to cater for humanities next step towards the digital working age. Raising productivity and bringing efficiency to the building industry is a core goal for the platform. We seek to offer global inclusion into the future built environment for anyone who has access to a mobile device. We envision lowering the barriers to entry across all investments and provide a fair financial platform that has the potential to benefit all. 

What attendees will get out of it

Attendees will hear about the vision of all platforms currently in progress. We will speak about the benefits that each system can have in our day to day lives and how these systems can be integrated to allow companies the opportunity to make the transition from centralised to decentralised over a period of time.

We will also go through some of the potential savings that can be generated and the increase in financial inclusion through using these platforms.

Each platform caters for different areas so can have an impact on most people. The technological side (Our World/OASIS API) and the working environment platform will all cater for all levels of experience and age.





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Oli SB Sun 7 Jun 2020 9:56PM

I'm cross posting this from the other (older) Propose a session thread because a few people have been asking about the plan for the "fringe" sessions.

I tried to spell out the way things would work for the OPEN 2020 "fringe" above.

But only @Diana Finch figured out the plan and has added her event to the calendar...

So, in retrospect, I should have made it much more clear.

But also, although we could run the "fringe" events in parallel to the main event on 11th and 12th June, maybe that's not really the best plan because it will mean that people will not be able to attend all the events.

Perhaps a better, less stressful plan, which would give us more time to support and promote the fringe events, would be to run these after the main conference, one per week, on the usual Thursday 4pm (BST) slot we have used for the webinars leading up to the event?

I don't mind really - but don't think it's for me to decide.

The idea was that the fringe events would be self-organised... as we're quite busy organisng the main sessions... and that can still be the case, as with Diana's session on the Bristol Pound if people are happy to pick a meeting tool and date and time and add it to the calendar of events.

But if anyone wants help, organinsing their event, bringing in other panelists or speakers, and help with setting up a meeting space and promotion etc I can help, but realistically not until after June 12th.

Part of OPEN 2020 is about picking the tools we will use to collaborate going forward.

For the main sessions we will be using BigBlueButton brought to us by a new platform co-op https://www.org.meet.coop/ and a different tool for break out spaces and networking.
We will be emailing all ticket holders in the next few days with detailed instructions of how to get familiar with these tools and how to join the conference.

- How do i access the schedule, so i know what timeslots are available?

As above - you can pick any time you like if you're happy for your event to run in parallel to the main sessions. All sessions that are planned so far are listed on the event calendar https://open.coop/events/ or, if you would like support for your event, you could pick a Thursday slot and add it this spreadsheet and/or the calendar let us know how we can help.

- Is there a HowTo for the presenters?

Not yet no. There will be a 'how to' use the new open source video tools (which are only just being set up on a new co-owned sever as I type!) ... hopefully in the next few days.

Everyone who is collaborating on OPEN 2020 is doing so for free and we've never run a fully online conference before so please stick with us! If we can pull it off, using open source tools we co-own... and agree further plans for collaboration after the 12th of June it will be a real step forwards towards co-owning our collective future. ;)



Billy Smith Thu 11 Jun 2020 7:42AM

Building a Fairer World Through OSHW Digitial Fabrication.

I initially posted this in the old thread here, https://www.loomio.org/p/enStB8TF/building-a-fairer-world-through-oshw-digital-fabrication-

As there was a positive reaction, i've set up a Discord instance, which you can join here, https://discord.gg/FaEYH8

This is the first time i have set up a Discord server, so there will be teething troubles, so please bear with me. :D


Oli SB Mon 22 Jun 2020 1:54PM

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that this session providing an update on The Bristol Pound will happen this Thursday at 4pm BST on Zoom. This is the new date (sorry for any confusion) hope to see you all there - please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested - There will be breakout sessions to discuss token economics and use cases ....


Diana Finch Mon 22 Jun 2020 2:47PM

Thanks, Oli!

Best wishes



Bob Haugen Mon 13 Jul 2020 12:24AM

Diana, that was fascinating! I love it when people talk about the problems as well as the success stories.

@Oli SB and @Diana Finch - where will the discussion on this session take place? Seemed like a lot of issues to discuss. I was not online at the time, just caught the recording, but have some questions for some of the questioners as well as Ms Finch.

@Michael Linton , I'm talking to you, for example...(Hi, not arguing, just asking, don't worry...)


Michael Linton Mon 13 Jul 2020 12:32AM

Bob - always good to hear what you have to say, and happy to respond to any questions in my zone


Diana Finch Mon 13 Jul 2020 8:07AM

@Bob Haugen – I’m not great at long conversations in written form – life is very busy right now and we move towards the launch of Bristol Pay. But I’m happy to arrange a follow up zoom for another half hour or hour of questions if that’s helpful. Feel free to email me to arrange that – diana.finch@bristolpound.org.

Best wishes



Bob Haugen Mon 13 Jul 2020 11:10AM

Thanks, but not necessary. My question is mostly for Michael, and was a followup about taxes..and Michael wanted to chat elsewhere, too.
But if anything interesting comes of it, we can report back here...