Fri 1 Jan 2016 10:05PM

Hello! Introduce yourselves!

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Welcome to new members, we are glad to meet you virtually and pleased at your interest in joining our conversation. If you would, please do introduce yourselves (new members), the short notes you wrote when joining this group were all so interesting that we don't want others to miss out on the diverse stories and backgrounds of our newest members. Once again, welcome and as it's January 1, Happy New Year!


John Ingleby Sat 2 Jan 2016 2:31PM

Hello, I am retired and living in Kings Langley, UK. I am Secretary of Grand Union Community Energy (http//www.guceltd.org) a non-profit community energy society (type of co-op), and I actively participate in our local Transition Town group. I worked in IT for most of my career, and since about 2000 collaborated on a wiki (now sadly defunct) to help teachers make use of free/open source software. My last paid job was as part-time teacher of IT.

I was moved by the article by Alanna Krause describing how Enspiral developed into a truly collaborative network when the early crew let go of their roles. Still finding my way around!

Best wishes to all for 2016!



Danyl Strype Fri 8 Jan 2016 9:27AM

Kia ora John, you may be interested in checking out WikiEducator. Their main focus is generating and hosting Open Educational Resources (OER) under CreativeCommons licenses, but their parent body the OER Foundation is also committed to using and endorsing free code/ open source software.


Simon Grant Thu 14 Jan 2021 6:41AM

Who are the leading lights of WikiEducator right now, @Danyl Strype ? Looks like there's only a trickle of interest right now... And the latest OER Foundation "news" is from 2015


Danyl Strype Mon 15 Feb 2021 4:09AM

Wayne Macintosh and Dave Lane are the people involved that I've met, both based in Aotearoa (NZ). WikiEducator was the project the OERF was founded to umbrella but I believe they spend more time on the OER Universitas project these days, including hosting a demo online learning platform using free code.


John Ingleby Sat 2 Jan 2016 8:14PM

Forgot to add, one huge renewable resource keeps getting overlooked: relationships. John


Pablo P Sun 3 Jan 2016 3:43PM

Hi all, I cane upon the commons transition lookin through the p2p foundation, they had a very interesting article on the 15 trends of p2p in 2015. I am myself an university student involved with several cooperatives (environmental and housing) in my city, and thought that this could be a great forum to meet other people and know about what's going on.

Happy new year to you all!


Jake Hansen Mon 4 Jan 2016 12:59PM

Hi, we started an organization last year to create free/open electronics products as an alternative to the existing closed/proprietary solutions. Our most successful initiative to date is the creation of an open platform and ecosystem for health wearable devices, think of open source alternatives to FitBit, Jawbone, but aimed more at providing real solutions for specific use-cases for actual patients.

I am particularly interested how to earn money with "open" business models, as I see many free/open initiatives struggling to get money, depending on volunteering, people who still have 'normal' jobs to earn a living and I think we need to find a third solution: between the traditional "closed/profits" model, the new "open/poor" model, we need a model that favors sharing, but also allows the people involved to make a living and spend 100% of their working life on their passion and making the maximum impact.

And I am also co-editor of the new Creative Commons book.


Ellen Friedman Mon 4 Jan 2016 5:53PM

Hi all,

I've been studying the commons for the last 8 or so years. I'm a founding member of CommonSpark, a collective of commoners in Austin, Texas. We catalog and map commons and share commons-related content on Twitter (primarily). We're beginning to explore how to bring a commons transition to Austin and it's looking likely that we'll first focus on creating a food commons. I'm interested in cataloging commons in the Commons Transition wiki and contributing to the Law for the Commons wiki.

By trade, I'm a professional counselor with a specialty in behavioral sleep medicine.


Ellen Friedman Mon 4 Jan 2016 8:21PM

It's really great to meet you all. I look forward to our conversations.

Happy new year!


Alekos Pantazis Thu 7 Jan 2016 2:01PM

Hi all,
I am environmental engineer, having an experience in marine protected areas, I now am a research fellow of p2p lab (greece) working on projects like education and 3d printing and educational workshops about peer production in the greek islands. I am an activist for more than 15 years, lastly most on Degrowth and Commons movements.
Nice meeting you all :-)

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