[post] Most discussions between citizens about the flawed Belgian state lead nowhere. This is why

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Article in Dutch and French in the following pad:

I cancelled the previous thread about N-VA, ... because I made the same mistake as other people do in discussions about the Belgian state structure. So now in the article I give an example of such a discussion and I explain why it is flawed.


Ilja Sat 12 Jan 2019 7:12PM

Still not something I'd present as from the ppbe, but defenetly a nice opinion piece. Do we publish opinion pieces to?


Josse Sat 2 Feb 2019 10:47PM

I suggest to this:
We hadden graag wat meer discussie kunnen hebben over dit thema, maar dat heeft tijd nodig als we dit echt grondig willen doen. Dus dit artikel is eerder persoonlijk van Josse op basis van het boek over de Belgische particratie van prof. De Wachter.

On aurait aimé avoir plus de discussions sur ce thème, mais cela nécessite du temps pour le faire à profond. Ainsi, cet article est fait par Josse à base du livre sur la particratie Belge de prof. De Wachter.


Josse Sun 17 Feb 2019 8:43AM

I put the Dutch and French versions on the wordpress in draft for the moment. I put a comment to say that it is not a fixed view of the pirates, but just something to think about.


Josse Thu 2 May 2019 7:55PM


Ilja Fri 3 May 2019 6:02PM

First time we have an opinion piece, something by someone, rather then in the name of 'the party'. I like this :slight_smile: