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ARTICLE: what is the cssa

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What is the California State Student Association
Prior to 1979, the CSSA was the California State Student Presidents Association, and was composed of the Presidents of each California State University (CSU) campus. As the CSSA, campus Presidents are now able to appoint and send a representative in their stead, with Presidents round table meetings no longer being open to the public. The CSSA is supported by $5035 in annual dues paid for by associated student fees, and by a separate, recently passed $4 fee per student. The CSSA not only consists of some 40 students, but has a full time staff supplied by the chancellors office. It conducts monthly meetings where student representatives and presidents are flown in from across the state. The next meeting is in Humboldt October 10th.


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cssa is trying to stop surviving on campus membership dues. makes it so a.s. presidents have no authority over cssa