Sun 24 Apr 2022 7:02PM

UPRN tag updates based on positioning of node within a building way

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A conversation about if it's a good idea or not :)


Huw Diprose Fri 29 Apr 2022 7:52PM

Ok here's the changeset. I struggled to get the source into the changeset, so i've left them as changeset comments for now. Going to see if I can edit changeset metadata after close to get the others in. Sorry bout that.

But upload looks good.

I'll wait now for the next relaese of https://osm.mathmos.net/addresses/uprn/

And then start doing spot checks.

Next bit would be to do a report on the inverse, which buildings are missing and why...


Huw Diprose Mon 2 May 2022 10:50PM

馃榿 I think it worked.

Here's a snapshot. Simple UPRNs seem to correspond well to cadistral parcel adjusted building traces.

More complicated ones remain untageed (HMOs, high rises, retail + residential combined).

But I think the rest could be filled in over time (I could make a % complete map per output area or something).

I'd need to check on the licencing but I wonder if we could do something like validate OSM addresses, and highlight anomolies for survey against EPC certs or Food and hygiene certs 馃

Anyway you can see the outcome here:


I'm going to write this up and automate the parts I did in QGis with PostGIS queries.

Ideally the outcome could be a script folks could re-use, with the right know how. 馃榿


Tony Shield Tue 3 May 2022 11:40AM

Hi, I've looked at the results and it looks like you have achieved exactly what you wanted. Thats Great!

As the UPRN's are linked to the postcode in the UPRN Lookup would you be able to insert the postcode as part of this capability? If thats possible then the result will be extraordinarily useful for the addressing projects people are working on.

I look forward to seeing your writeup and trying to emulate your excellent work.


Huw Diprose Fri 6 May 2022 8:45AM

Oh fascinating, I'd not thought of that.

Let me look back over the licencing and data for postcodes. I've seen the centroids but not thought much about the role UPRNs could play.

Perhaps I'll do that as a follow up post.

Thanks for the engagement here folks, really appreciated. And thanks especially to folks like Rob, that UPRN map is so useful!


rskedgell Wed 12 Jul 2023 7:13AM

I have been doing something similar to this, using the OS Open UPRN and ONSUD data sets to match building polygons in PostGIS. For buildings with a single UPRN, I have added addr:postcode and ref:GB:uprn.

In addition to adding the postcodes, it's been very useful for identifying which street properties belong to.

In the London E16 area, which already had most building and terrace outlines thanks to @nlme and @dankarran, the postcode stats are now up to ~70%. I have a lot of walking around with StreetComplete SCEE to do over the next few weeks in order to complete the addresses.