Wed 16 Jan 2019 3:27PM

New badges

AB Alison Born Public Seen by 181

We have run out of all badges apart from the 32mm Bath for Europe ones with the union flag in the background. I have spoken to someone called Taylor at Camaloon (the organisation that made those badges). They can produce more with other messages such as I'm for Europe (which they made for us previously), For the Climate and Peace (any other suggestions?). I prefer their badges to the ones we got from Devon as they look better and don't have a plastic coating. He quoted £80 for 300 badges (100 of each). if we want to go ahead and order, would Mark be able to provide the art work as he did for the previous orders? They should be with us within a couple of days of the order being placed.


Mark Baines Wed 16 Jan 2019 4:31PM

I confirm that I can provide the artwork.


Emma Knaggs Wed 16 Jan 2019 5:54PM

I have a badge from Bristol that says 'Stop Brexit'. Several people have asked me about it, maybe we could add it?


Alice Hovanessian Wed 16 Jan 2019 7:12PM

I like the other 2 below as well, although don't worry if you can't do a smaller amount of them all. We should probably stick with 300 max at the moment, perhaps less.

  • Animal Welfare
  • EU Citizen

Ruth Malloy Wed 16 Jan 2019 11:38PM

Someone was going round selling badges outside the Parliament buildings yesterday, and I got her last 'Brexit: is it worth it?' one (white lettering on red, like the banners). Admittedly, it's larger than our BfE ones, so there's more room for the words on it.

What about: 'I want a People's Vote' (white/green/lilac)?
and: 'I love Freedom of Movement' (blue/yellow/white) as above?

or would that be too many words?


Alison Born Thu 17 Jan 2019 10:08AM

They all sound like good messages but I think it's better to keep the blue union flag and yellow stars artwork the same for all and we may need to reduce the words on some messages. How about we order badges with the following:
I'm for Europe
For the Climate
Stop Brexit
Animal Welfare
EU Citizen
Is Brexit worth it?
Freedom of Movement (possibly followed by a heart?)
People's Vote (possibly followed by a heart?)

If we ordered 50 of each, that would be a total of 450. I will e mail Taylor to get an estimate for costs. Would you be happy to submit the artwork for each of those Mark?


Misha Carder Thu 17 Jan 2019 11:45AM

Re: badge We can save space by having a dove(representing 45 years of peace) in the circle of stars leaving room for 2 words I agree with 'Stop Brexi't as any other single issue its a distortion of the complexity of 'the fine mess they've gotten us into' ( we could use Stan and Ollie theme as its got so much publicity
Because we are aiming at the uncertain 30/35% we really need to target them Witherspoons have delivered an magazine to central Bath residents with 10 pages absolutely toxic Brexiteer vitriol. I will pick up some more copies and come to the steering group tonight -if thats ok - at 6pm at the Ram?


Emma Knaggs Fri 18 Jan 2019 6:36PM

@markbaines I checked the Devon for Europe website and their resources section only covers leaflets, not badges I'm afraid. I don't know where artwork for the other designs would come from.


Mark Baines Fri 18 Jan 2019 7:05PM

Alison says she'll sort it on Monday. Ben's here to help if you need him.


Alison Born Sat 19 Jan 2019 7:41AM

I’m back late on Monday, is Ben available on Tuesday?


Ruth Malloy Fri 22 Feb 2019 10:41AM

Have the new badges arrived? If so, are they at Marcom?