Thu 25 Jan 2018 9:18PM

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I thought it might be useful to share information about upcoming events that fit our interests


Patricia Morgan Thu 25 Jan 2018 9:24PM

Hi Everyone I hope that 2018 is treating you well? I recently received some information about a conference in Portugal on Human Ecology that I thought you might be interested in. There was a request from Michael Kimball at the University of Northern Colorado to submit abstracts as a block. I'm keen to submit an abstract and it would be great to create a block presentation. This is part of Mike's email:

"For those whose contemplative research and/or scholarship of teaching includes relations between humans and their natural, built, and imagined environments, I invite you to join me in presenting papers for a “Contemplative Human Ecologies” session I am organizing for the upcoming XXIII International Conference for the Society for Human Ecology in Lisbon, Portugal (July 7-10). https://societyforhumanecology.org/2017/09/27/she-xxiii-save-the-date/

Below is more information about the conference. Please contact me directly if you wish to participate, so I can submit our abstracts as a block. For the session to be approved, we will need 4-6 contributors.

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity to bring contemplative perspectives and approaches into a wider domain of inquiry and discussion!

Mike Kimball"
Michael’s email is: Kimball, Michael [email protected]


Patricia Morgan Sat 24 Feb 2018 2:41AM

Hi Everyone I am involved with a Sharing Economy Group here in Sydney, Australia and we are putting on a Mapjam (mapping the sharing resources of a city) next week, which I thought you might be interested in: https://thesharingmap.com.au/
All the best, Patricia


Patricia Morgan Fri 9 Mar 2018 8:29PM

Hello everyone, greetings from a steel grey day here in Sydney the rain has been falling through the night but now just dripping off the leaves. I thought you may be interested in this contemplative environmental retreat: http://earthlovego.org/workshops/


Patricia Morgan Fri 20 Apr 2018 12:16AM

Hi everyone, I thought you might be interested in Commonbound the New Economy Coalition's USA Conference in June this year: http://www.commonbound.org/http://www.commonbound.org/

Plus the New Economy Network of Australia is having a symposium for Northern Queensland in July and their main conference in Melbourne Australia: https://www.neweconomy.org.au/conferences/
It would be great to see you there I facilitate a working group: "Inner Dimensions of the New Economy" https://www.neweconomy.org.au/about/working-groups/inner-dimensions/ and you'd be most welcome to present through though that isn't necessary you can simply put an application in


Patricia Morgan Fri 1 Jun 2018 4:40PM

Hi Everyone - another NENA Conference in Melbourne Australia, it would be great to see you there: https://www.neweconomy.org.au/conferences/2018-conference/
All the best, Patricia


Vincenzo Giorgino Thu 2 Aug 2018 11:22AM

HI everyone, I attach a file with the slides Donald McCown and I have presented at the recent International Conference on Mindfulness in Amsterdam. Best, Enzo


Patricia Morgan Tue 6 Nov 2018 12:53AM

Thanks Vincenzo @vincenzogiorgino sorry to take so long to get back to you


Patricia Morgan Wed 7 Nov 2018 11:27PM

This presentation may be of interest - it is happening on the 15th of November: https://www.conferize.com/full-circle-leadership
Some info from the website: an interactive workshop about Full Circle Leadership, a framework for understanding project life-cycles in emergent environments and the diverse forms leadership takes in collaborative groups. This will be a 'reverse conference' session, where participants watch a video presentation beforehand, and then participate in interactive exercises, questions, and discussions facilitated by the presenter.

Alanna Irving developed Full Circle Leadership out of her experience and expertise in leadership without hierarchy. Alanna creates open source software and experiential processes for radical participation in decision-making, cooperatives, financial collaboration, and social change. Her work has included Loomio, Cobudget, Enspiral, Open Collective, and making crypto more accessible. More info at alanna.space.
All the best, Patricia