Thu 16 Feb 2017 4:19AM

How much will home purchase and rental prices improve when the M2PP Expressway finishes construction shortly

PH Paul Hughes Public Seen by 319

M2PP Expressway brought in many workers that needed accommodating and made a huge impact. The attached article indicates 500-5000. The home we rented in Wellington Rd was bought by an M2PP worker. Others report homes in the village rented by the contractors and filled with their workers. Hopefully home prices will improve and become much more affordable soon.


Paul Hughes Sun 5 Mar 2017 8:08PM

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holly jane ewens Mon 6 Mar 2017 6:09PM

thanks @paulhughes2. Here's hoping that is the case -- I do know of a few rental properties in our village tenanted by people working on the road -- whether it's M2PP or TG I'm unsure.
Unfortunately, I suspect Paekākāriki's prices will continue to be elevated (as, let's face it, they have always been when compared with other Kāpiti townships) due to the increased housing pressure from Wellington City, our commutable distance and our comparable 'affordability'.