May Arts Arcata Applicants

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Here's the list of people who are wanting to show in May 2018 thus far...


Michelle Milk
Feb 22 (2 days ago)
Message https://imgur.com/a/dNQ8Z
Above is 4 images of my newest work.

Statement: Being part of an artistic family it was inevitable that I would be writing out this statement today. Growing up with Russian born, newly immigrated parents in West Hollywood, Ca gave me two sides of a coin. One being a rich old history of soviet cultural that many find depressing and gray, and the other being a much safer to be gay community that's colourful, new, and flamboyant! America, the land of dreams. Russian, the land perseverance. With that I also acquired two sides of myself which I soon applied to my art. My paintings have sad, sombre faces with an explosion of colour all around. I try to illustrate myself into every painting I make. They are all mirrors but when talking about perspective, it's anyone's mirror as well. I grew up reasonably poor until my mother finally finished night school and became a nurse which turned my bed on the couch, into my own room! And my McDonald's toy collection into real barbies. This is where I began to beg for those huge art supply cases for kids. You know, the one with markers, pencils, pastels, paint, etc. Those became my favourite toy. And soon after that I began asking for canvases and oil paint as a young preteen. After a long time of never taking art lessons, and learning through my own mistakes, I became confident enough to showcase what I make to the public around 18. With lots of support and my own stubbornness, I decided that right out of high school I would try and earn a living on just my art alone. I'm almost 22 now and I have no intention of giving up that dream. It is what makes me feel the most pure. The most me I can be. If the question was asked "Why do you paint". The answer I recently realised is that it makes me feel like a child again in the way that I can do whatever I want in the moment of me holding my materials and creating. I make my own rules and my own reasons. It is the ultimate freedom. In this world and especially at my age, it's hard to not want to impress people, and it's hard not to want to make people like you or like something that you do, wear, say ect. But with painting, I can honestly say it makes me feel zero desire to impress anyone. I am only doing it for myself. Hence it being the purest thing I do everyday. Hence it being the love of my life.


Name Coley Thornburry
Email hofbrincl@gmail.com
Subject application for May 2018 or beyond
Message I wanna point out that the images in the link aren't necessarily what I want to hang, just samples:


End of Coley's App.


Heather Mon 26 Feb 2018 6:51PM

Awesome! Let's have her show for May!


ryan_ Mon 26 Feb 2018 9:27PM

waiting on more applications to come in before we make a decision.


ryan_ Thu 8 Mar 2018 10:42PM

Updated w/ Coley's App.