Mon 16 Jun 2014 8:50AM

B Semester Orientation

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Tania - the faculty registrar, would like us to help out with O-week. This will involve showing new students around and helping to get them excited about the year to come!

Here is a copy of the email. It includes some details on what Tania would like us to help out with.


Hi Grace,

Further to our conversation on Friday I have booked the Faculty of Computing and Mathematics Semester B orientation for:

Friday 11th July
I envisage that we will spend approximately 1 hour running through some important information - eg. Introduction to essential services: Computer Support services, library services, mentoring unit etc. From 10.30-12.00 I would like CS cubed to run a scavenger hunt that includes the following areas:

FG block

G block

R block

Student Centre


Cafes and lakes

Academy of Performing Arts

I am looking at the possibility of having a barbecue at 12.00 out the front of R block.

Please let me know if you have some willing members of CS cubed who can lead the students on the scavenger hunt and create a fun filled morning for them.




I think this could be a great way to introduce the new kids on the block to CS3 and how we are cool faculty that does fun things.

Would you like to take part?
Lets discuss some ideas for what we could do for the new students :)


Grace Nolan Mon 16 Jun 2014 9:01AM

Maybe we play a fun game!

Bigger and Better/Scavenger Hunt:
+ Teams start with a paper clip and go to University offices/departments to exchange it for something “bigger and better.”
+ This continues throughout the specified time period when the teams have to report back. The team with the biggest thing wins. The team must be able to keep their “thing” (ie: not a park bench or someone’s boat).
+ It does not matter how many times they exchange things in between as long as they are back on time.
+ Large teams (ie: 30) are fine so they may carry the final item back.
please do not take items without permission!

I think this could be a really fun game to play! Maybe we could alter it in some way that encourages them to go to those specific places on campus.


Grace Nolan Mon 16 Jun 2014 9:09AM

http://www.campustalkblog.com/gotcha/ is another thing we could do, it's not a hunt but could be interesting and has a low barrier to entry


Grace Nolan Mon 16 Jun 2014 9:16AM

Maybe we could show them a series of photos of semi-obscure things that will take them to the buildings we need them to visit.

An example of a photo might be of an egg chair in the library. The books in the background would act as a clue.

Then we could tell them to try and replicate the photographs. I assume every pair of students will have a phone that can take photos.

Since the photos will be unfamiliar to them, they could ask people on campus for help deciphering the photos. This would encourage them to seek help and discover how friendly people are one campus :3
It's a very visual activity too, so assuming most people have visual memories, it should help them to remember where stuff is a bit easier.


Alena Choong Mon 30 Jun 2014 1:15AM

I'll most probably be away, otherwise I'll come help out. :)


Jenna Thornborough Mon 30 Jun 2014 1:16AM

I'm not 100% whether I will be around then or not, I'm having issues with my epilepsy which is keeping me from doing most things but if I am well to I'd like to help out.


Grace Nolan Mon 30 Jun 2014 2:14AM

okay thanks for letting me know.
I'm going to be in Wellington so I wont be there.
Maybe it wont work this time around but perhaps this is something we could think about for O-week next year? Could be a valuable way for us to connect with first years


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I propose to decline this year, but we could help the faculty for next year's O-Week Closed Thu 3 Jul 2014 3:09PM

There aren't enough of us in Hamilton on the date FCMS would like us to help them with this years B-semester orientation. I propose we decline to help out this year and make plans for it next year.


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Grace Nolan Tue 1 Jul 2014 3:13AM

Building a strong relationship with FCMS is really important. I think that it would be good if CS3 can help out next year.


Jenna Thornborough Wed 2 Jul 2014 6:29PM

That sounds like a good idea I'd love to help out this year but I'm in hospital and I'm not sure I'll be out by then