Why do we need a VETO system

M Michel (AHE) Public Seen by 356

Humans are by nature very influençable and we will have to deal sooner or later with deceptive measures from a ill intended person. Corruption do exists and often wonderful initiatives have failed due to inadequate protection to manage the "real" world.

How do we filter the bad apples ?

large scale autonomous system were pretty successful with a "self-dicipline" mechanism : flagging system on craigslist for instance etc...

in Loomio the "blocking" vote is for this very purpose, however in a large democratic group using block can stall any decision, as it is very likely that in a large group someone opposes the measure

How "BLOCK" Vote should be used :
So we have to use the "block" wisely : by choosing it we show the Earth Nation members our strong reserve on the measure.
still if "one block is enough" to have the proposal failed, this gives "super' power to the blocking person.

Combined with "karma" points we can design
a system that filter 'suspicious' proposals

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