Tue 14 May 2019 11:43AM

OSMUK AGM schedule

JN Jez Nicholson Public Seen by 205

Now that we have a date-and-time for the AGM i'd like to build a mini schedule. It doesn't need to be tightly scheduled, but I think would be good to have some set things to give it structure.

Parameters so far are:
* We have the room from 1-5pm.
* The official part of the AGM will start at 1pm. Last time it only took 15 minutes. This time may be slightly more (30 mins?).
* From 3pm, we have a 'Wikidata Meets OSMUK' meetup with Wikimedia UK https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/london-wikidata-meetup-3-wikidata-osmuk-tickets-61869712977


We have spoken about some scheduled and unscheduled lightning talks


Jez Nicholson Tue 14 May 2019 2:24PM

BTW, was Eventbrite ticketing successful last year...and do we want to do the same this year?


Harry Wood Tue 25 Jun 2019 2:02PM

eventbrite is fine.

One annoying thing: The maps on there are google maps. But... it does have an option to not display a map. And then it also lets you use some HTML in the description, and so you use this to put a linkified map image. See any missing maps eventbrite listing as an example: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/missing-maps-july-mapathon-tickets-63104323731 Can someone do that for this event listing?


Jez Nicholson Tue 25 Jun 2019 2:30PM

comme ça?


Tony Shield Tue 14 May 2019 4:36PM

Hi. I find Eventbrite good from my perspective as an attender.
Talk - TfL cycling initiative update and how many organisations could collaborate on such large projects. Could techniques be made available nationally.?
Activity - map the block in which Wikimedia resides - its barely mapped - 1 person driving JOSM and several groups collecting data to input.


Robert Whittaker Wed 15 May 2019 7:54AM

Has anyone approaching the National Trust people we've been in contact with to see if they'd like to say anything about their path mapping using OSM?


Andrew Black Wed 15 May 2019 11:58AM

i'd be interested ih hearing about this.


RobJN Wed 15 May 2019 8:23PM

Great shout regarding National Trust. I have written to them to find out if they are up for it.


RobJN Mon 20 May 2019 8:33PM

Hi both. National Trust have come back to confirm that they are up for this. @jeznicholson: Can you please add them (Andrew Woods and Ian Dawes) to the agenda.


RobJN Wed 15 May 2019 9:30PM

EventBrite is good with me. I assume we will email those who register to say that they can come earlier. No reason for wikimedia folk not to attend the bit between the AGM and 3pm.


Gregory Marler (former Director) Fri 17 May 2019 2:55PM

Oops, I didn't spot Rob's comment that he's contacted National Trust.
I've just e-mailed some people who might give good talks, including Huw from NT.

For TfL, I think Rob has a better contact/relationship with the Cycle Infrastructure Database(CID) Team. I could contact someone in the Journey Planner team, they might be able to talk about why they value OSM but I think they're not (yet) very far on using it.


RobJN Fri 17 May 2019 6:55PM

You're best to ask Martin if you're after a TfL update regarding the cycle data.


Jez Nicholson Thu 23 May 2019 9:51AM

In true wedding invitation style:

The OSMUK Directors
request the pleasure of your company
at the AGM and Annual Gathering
Saturday, the twenty-ninth of June
two thousand and nineteen
at one o'clock in the afternoon

Newspeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Road, London

Reception (ad-hoc beer and curry) to follow

RSVP https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstreetmap-uk-annual-gathering-tickets-62262798707


lakedistrict Tue 4 Jun 2019 11:16PM

I'm hoping to attend, just need to sort out trains first. Last train with connections north of Preston leaves Euston at 19:34, but hopefully this will be OK...


trigpoint Sun 16 Jun 2019 2:54PM

Trains seem a bit odd on that day, some not running and others taking longer than usual hence they miss usual connections


RobJN Thu 6 Jun 2019 9:48PM

Officially we will be wrapped up by then, and probably time to get food and drink too. Should be OK.


trigpoint Sun 16 Jun 2019 2:56PM

Have just spotted that this event is missing from http://weeklyosm.eu/archives/12177


RobJN Mon 17 Jun 2019 8:55PM

Not sure why it is missing from WeeklyOSM. I thought they took their list from the wiki calendar. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Current_events


Brian Prangle Sun 16 Jun 2019 6:22PM

Why you should vote at the AGM against raising the membership fee for corporate members:

Note: I was a lone dissenting vote on the Board so I am opposing this motion at the AGM despite it being proposed by the Board.
1. If we need to raise membership fees then it should be because our costs are rising faster than our income. I don't see this need currently.
2. Or it could be because we have a major new initiative which needs funding. We don't have one currently.
3. Or it could be that we are going to use the increase in membership fees to increase the benefits to members. I don't see any planned increase in benefits.
3. It discriminates against one class of member, moreover one that doesn't have a vote. At the very least I would expect the constituency affected to have been consulted beforehand. If membership fees should go up, then they should go up for everyone.
4. Any increase should be proportionate to the requirement: a doubling in one year is way too much. It will act as a disincentive: corporate members are likely to use a business case interrogation of "What doubling of benefit do I see for the doubling of my costs?" and draw the necessary conclusion
5. This class of corporate member - small companies and startups - is generally without deep pockets, with little room for discretionary expenditure.
6. We should be celebrating our founding corporate members not punishing them.
7. If we want to double our income from corporate members then the board should be tasked with doubling the number of these members.
8. We pride ourselves on being open:
I believe low membership fees are an important component of this: expensive=exclusive
Extensive prior discussion is another vital component: I believe there has been too little to involve the membership in formulating this proposition.
I urge you to vote AGAINST at the AGM and if you can't attend then cast a proxy vote AGAINST


Gregory Marler (former Director) Mon 17 Jun 2019 12:28PM

I thank Brian for giving his voice to the vote on raising corporate membership fees, I encourage other members to also do the same if they have something to add. This helps limit need for discussion time at the AGM which can easily become circular and feel like a waste of time, the pre-AGM discussion also helps proxy voters decide.

I would like to add the following points:
- There had been discussion that £50 was low for corporate members joining an association, but this was too close to the previous AGM for a motion to be prepared/proposed.
- I voted for this motion, so that it could be proposed for the upcoming AGM and a decision be made, which I strongly wanted to happen. I am undecided how I will vote for the motion (for or against).
- Any existing corporate memberships will remain, until their annual renewal date when they will be subject to the latest price (£100 if the motion passes).
- £50 to £100 is a 100% price increase. We can't guarantee there won't be any further increases, but I would not expect it to happen again for at least several years if ever.
- Regardless of the outcome, I think I would vote against an increase in future years because it gets unfair on corporate members loyalty to us and their budgeting. Brian did make some good arguments for an increase.


RobJN Mon 17 Jun 2019 7:51PM

Why you should vote FOR the increase of the Corporate membership fee:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Brian. I will set out my personal view as to why I think the members should support the resolution:

  • The first two years have focused on getting OSM UK up and running and during that period we have been quite tight with the purse strings. I feel that we should loosen the purse string in the third year especially in support of volunteer mappers.
  • We now have more budget available but some has come from jobs that we pick up when nobody from the Talent Directory takes them. Ideally this wouldn't happen as we want the Talent Directory to pick up more and more work. As such we need to look to our members for the continued funding of OSM UK.
  • The corporate members I have spoken too they are looking for extra ways to support the OSM community - they want to be doing more.
  • The initial rate of £50 is very low. If we were to properly value the admin time of the Directors (e.g. at the same hourly rate as the OSMF's admin assistant) then the amount left after "Cost of Sales" would be very small - probably even negative in some cases.
  • I see this as a re-setting of the fee to a value it perhaps should have been in the first place. I certainly don't see this as a repeatable increase every year.
  • We are signing up new corporate members (we have 3 more to add to our website in the next few days).
  • A review of the records on Companies House for our current corporate members highlights that an increase to £100 should not be problematic. In comparison to other costs it is very small.
  • I am not convinced that companies join because they want something in return. The message I receive from the companies I have spoken to is that they want to give back.
  • As far as I recall, none of the companies I have spoken to have asked about voting. I am also our representative on the OSMF Advisory Board, which is part of the offering to OSMF Corporate Members. The activity in that group is very low (almost none), suggesting that corporate members aren't out to actively influence or vote.
  • Indeed those companies that do want something from us without paying already have plenty of good options (e.g. in the case of when we pass work to the Talent Directory, when we answer queries free of charge as doing so supports our aims, and when we write case studies).
  • Finally, it is worth noting that the vast majority of our corporate members have many months before their renewal is due. Plenty of time for them and us to budget accordingly.

So in summary, (1) companies want to be helping our more than the currently are, (2) it would be great to release the purse strings more in the next year, and (3) whilst we can do this using our current funds we do need to ensure that we have healthy future funds to maintain it especially as we want more work to be directed to the Talent Directory. As such I will be voting in favour of the resolution.


Robert Whittaker Tue 18 Jun 2019 9:01AM

https://osmuk.org/corporate-membership/ says that the corporate membership rates are £50 for SMEs and non-profits and £500 for larger companies (>£5m annual turnover). Just to be clear, are we talking about raising just the lower rate from £50 to £100, while leaving the higher one unchanged?


Jez Nicholson Tue 18 Jun 2019 5:12PM

That is correct. Raising the lower rate from £50 to £100, and leaving the higher one unchanged. Most (all?) of the corporate members so far are SMEs and non-profits.


RobJN Wed 19 Jun 2019 10:09PM

For comparison, the rates charged by OSM Ireland are:

Ordinary Memberships€15.00 (or £13.00 for NI)
Concession Membership Rate (unwaged or student)€5.00 (or £4.00 for NI)
Corporate Membership (by resolution of the board)€300.00 (or £260.00 for NI)

Source: https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/w/images/a/a1/OSM_Ireland-Company_governance_guide.pdf