Wed 21 Dec 2016 8:12AM

Buyer found

MS Mike Stringfellow Public Seen by 270

A local Paekakarikian couple have agreed to buy 148 Tilley Rd until we get ourselves in a position to buy. Yeehaa,


Peter Handford Wed 21 Dec 2016 9:01AM

Just saw this - sounds good. I have just put together the first draft of the purchase / bridging approach we discussed the other night. Have attached it below - its not well written - but aims to get some of the approach across.

We will need to work through this stuff with this couple who may purchase anyway. I have set out a couple of options - for discussion by us. The first is very purchaser focused - when we were uncertain about getting someone.
I think we need to discuss and refine these options / the agreement with purchaser carefully - to avoid differing expectations and to also discuss how we insulate ourselves from the risk of having to buy a property back if the value has fallen etc.
Might be easier for a smaller group to work on and refine this


Mark Amery Wed 21 Dec 2016 4:37PM

Great work Mike and TIna. Legends.


Peter Handford Fri 23 Dec 2016 6:44PM

I think we need to have a small group work up the options around the purchase by another party. We then need to appoint someone to work with the purchaser to negotiate the agreement and possibly be involved in purchase process. Urgent to do this given the timeframe and to avoid mixed understandings. What say you @tinapope @markamery @mikestringfellow and all? Probably need a face to face meeting of small sub group.


holly jane ewens Wed 21 Dec 2016 5:29PM

this is such great news x :clap:


Paul Hughes Thu 22 Dec 2016 1:44AM

This buys us much needed time, and will release pressure from TIna. Our community has hidden resources and aroha and this is a wonderful outcome to progress a secure home for Raima and her family.


Tina Pope Thu 22 Dec 2016 2:00AM

By the way I haven't discussed anonymity yet so please keep this quiet


angie cairncross Fri 23 Dec 2016 4:32AM

I'm so way behind on the emails but thius is so great to hear and the media coverage is going really well. Great work. I'm living in Paekakriki in the short term but sadly couldn't afford to buy here and will be moving back to paraparaumu - let me know Mark if yiou need any help with the comms. PS don't forget when yiouy're targetiung your messages for support that there are alot of people not living in paekakariki that still will support this campaign.

cheers and well done
angie :thumbsup:


Tina Pope Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:25PM

I agree. @markgalbraith has agreed to do the initial work but would be good to have at least one other. Timing of holidays by Mark and the purchasers complcates things. Are you interested @peterhandford?


Mark Amery Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:46PM

I think you'd be great Pete if poss. I would prefer to keep comms role - keeps things clear cut for me


Peter Handford Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:50PM

Will have a chat to mark g. I'm certainly not looking for work. By the way @markamery communications has been fantastic - nicely balanced message.

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