Wed 21 Aug 2013 3:52AM

When looking to purchace land, how many acres do we want and what is max price?


Brian Korsedal Wed 21 Aug 2013 5:04AM

I recommend using www.realtor.com. You can search for land larger than 10 acres by price within whatever area you choose. But always get in touch with a local agent. There are many more parcels on the MLS than what you'll see online. Maybe double, maybe more than double.


Blaine Smith Thu 22 Aug 2013 12:13AM

I was thinking if this is just the first one, and we will be doing more, it wouldn't need to be huge. For 12 people 5 acres is lots I think, that's 2.4 acres per person, that's far to much for a house, so that would leave tons of space for other things. I think If we build something to big it would be just a waste of money and land. Money we could have spent on something else and land that likely will not be used.


Jammie Gregory Thu 22 Aug 2013 1:55AM

Hmm, maybe, I'm living on 40 acres atm, and surrounded by forrestry, there are 8 people living on the land easily and could support probably 40, still easily, but it's fertile ground with lots of water and trees. I would rather have 1 acre per person to be sure. For a max price, maybe $1500 per person, with a max of $300 down. Better would probably be $500 per person with $100 down, but you gotta figure that if you only 35 miles from a major city, you're gonna be saving huge money in rent or house payments, $500 is like 1 months rent for some people, nothing.


Blaine Smith Thu 22 Aug 2013 3:16AM


So in that price range we are looking for something less than 18000, there are a few on here. I also sent an email out asking about it.


Blaine Smith Sat 24 Aug 2013 12:15AM

I got a reply to the email, he has a 10-12 acre parcel for $4000
so split between 12 people that's $333.33 each, that's same price per acre too. Which is pretty good I think. He also has other land that keeps coming in, if we want him to keep us informed.