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Notice of a new proposal for a decision-making process was posted to the main e-mail list for discussion. The proposal may be found on TitanPad at http://www.natgat2014.titanpad.com/81 and as a Google doc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aE46ykTWjP1Q4Xr_DjuAcaQ9GDHTpFXlDX-1uHqXH30/edit?usp=sharing (wow, what a long link!). There will be time for answers to clarifying questions on Wednesday’s call (18 June), then discussion and hopefully consensus on the following week’s call (on the 25th).


oswgwhe Mon 16 Jun 2014 10:58AM

I'm sorry to say this Sally. The decision making proposal was pushed through by the person whose pain inflicting “confusion” ** on last Friday's Structure WG conference call, has just resulted in two people "quitting" in Sacramento. Uncannily, the mole we outed in Sacramento two years ago was against one of, the same two people that just quit in Sacramento. Its also been alleged that the “mole” in our group here, drove many people away from the Oakland GA.
** The reference to “confusion” is from the “Is there a mole in our group?” discussion.

This type of proposal won't change anything we will do or how we will decide. It merely presents pretexts for the “mole” to operate undetected. At least the “decentralize” proposal was for that, to decentralize. This one will garner power at the top in a single person on account of his manipulation of conference call discussions. If its discussed at nest Wednesday's conference call, it will prevent discussing the real pain that has been openly acknowledged on the discussion, “How do we want to be with each other ...”. Here are the two comments on the “How do we ...” discussion where the hurt was admitted:

oswgwhe asked: “Cal, What happened on Fridays Structure Working Group call? Why is Donna so hurt?” Cal answerd: “Actually, I felt hurt on Friday’s Structure call, on the verge of tears.”

Has no one acknowledged what Chas said on last Wednesday's conference call when he said that something happened to Jackie and he missed he?. Its been rumored that Jackie quit. That was just after the strange email was sent that began “The Plot Thickens” discussion.

Please lay into me if I'm wrong. I don’t really enjoy writing these things. :-((


Tricia Mon 16 Jun 2014 12:04PM

"Generally speaking, if a human being never shows anger, then I think something's wrong. He's not right in the brain."~Dalai Lama

I think we've been under pressure and people kept quiet so as not to rock the boat. I rocked the boat with vigor with the decentralize concept and Jackie quit the working group lists in frustration. She is still monitoring the main list and contributing her excellent documentation work.

I wish people would stay and stick up for themselves instead of voting with their feet.

I don't think there's a mole. We'd never know for sure even if there was. I think we are all doing what we think is best - with what we know right now. Anyway, no one person can stop this. We are unstoppable, remember?

I've never liked GA's - I was horrified to see how it worked in the Friends Meetinghouse. It's insufficiencies hamstrung the movement at every downtwinkle.

But, I will not oppose Ga's at Nat Gat, as this is/was an important aspect of the Occupy experience for some and there will have to be some organization around the group meetings.

Let's take a deep breath and "Begin, be bold and venture to be wise."


Sally G Mon 16 Jun 2014 12:22PM

This proposal was the result of a lot of hard work by 3 individuals and deserves to be taken seriously. Most of the people on that Friday call were actually supportive of Cal; he has mentioned to me that if it went on longer, he was going to thank everyone for the support, but express his concern that Donna might feel ganged up on. Yes, the timing sucks; but it does not negate the fact that we started a process group back in February or something like that when we had a problem deciding about antiracism training; once the decision was made, the process discussion got dropped. We have volunteers indicating an interest in facilitation—with so many Occupys having slightly different processes for making a decision, it seems to me that working out one for us that we can test and bring to GA at NatGat has value.


Julia Clark Mon 16 Jun 2014 1:35PM

Goodness, this tomfoolery makes me appreciate the Anarchist style of Occupy Savannah. I had never noted that detail till now.


Les from Sacramento Mon 16 Jun 2014 2:23PM

First, the Titanpad link above should be changed to :
Second, comments made on Titanpad won't show up on the Google Docs link, so I recommend that we eliminate that link.


Sally G Mon 16 Jun 2014 11:57PM

@les I put in the Titanpad link the way I put it into my browser; maybe mine automatically changes it; sorry for any confusoion. The reason for the Google doc link is that a couple of people have indicated that they cannot access Titanpad, but can access a Google drive. Yes, it means multiple conversations and someone needing to transfer information between them, but I found that preferable to leaving someone out. If at all possible, everyone concentrate on the Titanpad.