Wed 9 May 2012 1:31AM

Collaborating on blogs

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Laura and Celeste have both commented they would like to collaborate on blogs with others. The benefits being that it can save time (coz we've all got one of those half-written blogs stashed away somewhere) as well as more creative ideas coming through. Perhaps we can all list blogs that we have half written or thought about writing to generate some ideas for this......


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Celeste Wed 9 May 2012 1:54AM

yes, i think its a great idea (as i currently have three half finished blogs).. and i think it might be worth having a chat (or email exchange) with Rich - as there is a specific methodology.. (right word?) he uses for this process.. (of course we can tailor it to suit our own individual purposes but a good starting point)


Hannah Mackintosh Wed 9 May 2012 2:01AM

It is a great idea and google docs is a really great way of doing it. I know that Rich and Ben have done a lot of collaborative writing together in this format and have found it really useful. It might also be good for Maz and Celeste to join in as they won't be able to make it to the meetings.


morgan hanks Wed 9 May 2012 9:38PM

I'm for it but would be keen to hear topics before commuting to work on anything