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include a.s. presidents talking about raising fees and getting investigated?

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should I include the convos, with names blanked out, of the a.s. presidents talkin about raising fees on students, in the news letter?

A.S. President 2013-14 secret facebook forum

so this SSI thing is getting out of hand here at ____, reporters are everywhere, and today i just got an email from one of NPR reporters asking for all my emails sent and received since my term. Careful with your emails ..... • • February 12 at 2:12pm •

Wait what's going on? February 12 at 2:13pm • Like • 1
Pssh why is this a federal invesitigation. They need warrants for that February 12 at 2:15pm

Not the fee thingy. But why reporters? February 12 at 2:15pm •

Like our SQE team has contacted pretty much every news program. I had an interview with them yesterday and they were getting frustrated because I didn't have anything they can use, so I guess according to the California public records act they can ask for records of all of our emails. February 12 at 2:28pm • Edited • Like • 1

They can ask!? Thats it...our students are for a referendum with our school for success fee.. February 12 at 2:22pm •

That's wack. IDK can they just ask for every email? for Freedom on Info requests, they cant just say give us everything. Doesnt it have to be "give us emails relating to conversations on the fee" February 12 at 2:23pm •
we passed ours last year with no hurdles. sonoma is doing one now im pretty sure February 12 at 2:23pm

I have both our school lawyer and ASI lawyer working on it. Just thought I would give you all a heads up. I will keep you updated February 12 at 2:27pm • Edited

Thanks for the update... February 12 at 2:27pm •

I love SQE...said no one ever. Be careful with that public informations act. (Your email) February 12 at 2:49pm • Like • 1

whats ssi February 12 at 3:02pm • Like Student Success Initiative ( possible fee increase) February 12 at 3:13pm •

The new fee being proposed. Similar to some of the academic excellence or student success fees. February 12 at 3:13pm

Oh cool. We don't have that. February 12 at 3:15pm

not yet. All CSU are roadmapped for it February 12 at 3:42pm

we cant raise tuition, so one of the temporary measures it to have "fees" supplement what is still underfunded. for example, we have bottleneck courses like crazy.

3-5 semester waits to get into a basic ge science class. so, we have this fee, which will direct sizeable amounts of money towards courses. February 12 at 3:46pm •

From my understanding facebook correspondence is subject to public records act as well February 12 at 7:44pm • Like • 1

We should all be prepared for SQE to rise again because faculty contracts are up again February 12 at 7:48pm •

SQE also needs to understand that the Student Success Initiative wasn't and isn't proposed by the Presdients...its and EO from the Chancellor February 12 at 7:49pm •

The SSI at ___ was also controversial when it was being discussed and implemented about four years ago. I believe the fee is extremely helpful but the main reason is because the student voice in our Student Fee Advisory Committee is well heard. It can be helpful to sit down with those who are apposed (in this case SQE) to talk about all aspects of the issue. It will be helpful for you because they will feel that their voice is heard and even if it doesn't end up being positive at least you put your best foot forward and that is a large part of our roles as student leaders for all, including SQE students. If you need any help or just want to talk let me know! Good luck and I know you are a great leader with an amazing community of student leaders and support staff! February 12 at 10:35pm • Like • 4

Ye I have already sat down with them and will be bringing up some of their concerns to the fee meeting, they don't have a problem with me just the university. In the end we represent them as much any other student. Thanks

• Conversation started February 4 • 2/4, 3:31pm So our university is currently in discussion about implementing an Academic Success Fee. I know some other CSUs campuses have gone through this process, or are currently going through it. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to talk to me about how you effectively outreached to students and how the discussions went or are going on your campus about the topic? •

2/4, 3:33pm I am going through one right now, lets set up a time to talk on the phone.

• 2/4, 3:34pm I'm available tonight from 4-on and tomorrow after 215 • 2/4, 3:41pm Name removed We have one already implemented. It's been...fun • 2/4, 3:54pm Name removed As far as I know we don't have one. Good luck! •

2/4, 3:58pm Name removed We had a $70 increase to our Student Excellence Fee last year. We (ASI) made sure that the administration made thorough presentations to the ASI Senate, ASI Exec team, and the Academic Senate, in addition to posting ads in the campuses newspapers. They made it clear that students would feel the benefits of the fee immediately. It's important to realize that not all fees are bad. I don't know the situation at your campus, but the students of CSULB has benefitted from it. •

2/4, 5:41pm Name removed yeah tonight works, I will be available at 9pm .

2/4, 8:44pm Name removed We are in the first year of a four year phase fee introduction. This year the Student Success fee added an additional $74 to be used for various improvements such as additional classes (specifically bottleneck courses), expanding and improving wifi, increasing diversity programs (Veterans, cultural centers), and other things like stabilizing funding for athletics. Within the next four years, the fee will increase gradually and eventually will cap at $138 adjusted by HEPI. Our campus did alternative consultation and did outreach to clubs, college councils, ASI student leaders, and most importantly, they held open forums for the entire campus community. •

2/4, 8:46pm Not gonna lie, not all discussions with the administration were fun, and we had to put a lot of pressure on them for transparency, but if you have any follow up questions, just shoot me an email. asipresident@______• February 5 •

2/5, 1:36pm Just got the news today.... Fresno State is going to look into a student success fee... Interested to see where they are going to implement it and how students will get to oversee the allocations

• 2/5, 1:37pm Wow good luck! •

• February 5 • 2/5, 4:53pm Name removed Sorry for coming in late, we implemented ours in 2012. It was phased in over three years, starting at $160 per quarter, $210, and will be $260 per quarter starting next year. It was a mix of alternative consultation and a student vote for approval on our campus. I think it was 31 of 32 consulted clubs were in favor and the student vote was 57% in favor with around a 41% voter turnout. The money is allocated by an advisory committee with 11 voting members, 7 of which are students (the student majority was a big deal). It was never specified what the money was going to go to, that's what the committee figured out through the input of students. Besides myself, the other six students on the committee are the top vote getters in the each of our six academic colleges for the Board of Directors election. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

• 2/5, 7:30pm Name removed Name removed do you have a committee charge for the advisory committee that u could send me? Asi-president@ Name removed
• 2/5, 7:31pm Name removed Everything you could want to know here: http://afd.calpoly.edu/fees/ssf-index.asp • February 5

• 2/5, 10:46pm Name removed ^ oops no idea how I did that, but everyone brace yourselves because every csu seems to want a new student success fee.

• 2/5, 10:46pm Name removed Dmgz hills is in the process of student success fee. We are the bottom for tuition We support it informally but if it was another univ president...heemmmm(garcia) we wouldnt. Dr.hagan has been very transparent at all decision making process

• 2/5, 10:50pm I feel the same way with our president, Name removed
• 2/5, 10:51pm Hey Name removed, I can do that too!! •
2/5, 10:52pm Cant wait to see u in chico •
2/5, 10:53pm Miss you too bae! •
2/5, 10:54pm We will talk about the new season of duck dynasty •
2/5, 10:56pm It flies it dies! Tag em and bag em! Kill em and grill em •February 6 •
• Monday • 2/10, 4:15pm Here is a breakdown of our success fee that has been merged with our IRA fee: http://www.sjsu.edu/finance/docs/1314_ssetf_allocations.pdf

2/10, 4:15pm Public Info Site: http://www.sjsu.edu/finance/policies_guidelines/ssetf/index.html
Student Success, Excellence and Technology Fee (SSETF) Allocation and Expenditure Procedures |... www.sjsu.edu Collection of the SSETF commenced with the Fall 2012 term. As a mandatory student fee that applies to all students, SJSU is obligated to ensure the revenues collected are used in ways that were detailed in the fee proposal and conveyed through open forums held in Spring