Mon 15 Sep 2014 12:41PM

Discussion about what identifier to use

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When people arrive at a social, how will they know who the Welcomers are? Let's throw some ideas around and come to a decision.


Tathra Street Mon 15 Sep 2014 12:42PM

We talked a fair bit about a Bee theme. I like the idea of a Bee plush toy on the table, or held in the arms of a Welcomer and perhaps a Bee brooch or button of some description that can easily be worn, passed on to other welcomers etc.


Ben Hogan Mon 15 Sep 2014 10:52PM

Perhaps we can store our identifier at the venue so we don't have to bring it each time


Tathra Street Tue 16 Sep 2014 2:01AM

I like that idea @benhogan, tho let's decide what it is first! :)


Jye Karl-Perry Tue 16 Sep 2014 2:07AM

I found this after the meeting the other night, thought it was quite appropriate, and not budget-breaking (especially if shared, kept at the venue, etc):


Tathra Street Tue 16 Sep 2014 12:58PM

Oh that IS CUTE! Nice one Jye!


Anne Hunter Sat 20 Sep 2014 12:42AM

It so is! That would do me. How many do we think we need? 4?


Tathra Street Sat 20 Sep 2014 1:10PM

Are we ready to decide or do we want to invite more discussion?


Anne Hunter Sun 21 Sep 2014 2:43AM

My question about that bee is - how does one attach it to one's person? I wouldn't want something that had to be carried around all evening.


Tathra Street Sun 21 Sep 2014 9:39AM

The Welcomer role doesn't go the whole night. I think it was one or two hours we decided at the meeting. Is that right @benhogan ?


Anne Hunter Mon 22 Sep 2014 6:54AM

Hmm. I would be concerned that if one (say) has a drink in one hand and is greeting people with the other, the bee could get put down and misplaced fairly easily. I would opt for something attachable, personally.


Rebecca Wickham Wed 24 Sep 2014 5:13AM

How about a bowtie? This particular one from Etsy is attached to a hair clip but we could vary it for wearing around the neck.



Cassie Wed 24 Sep 2014 11:11AM

I like the bee badges. I like the idea of it being wearable to avoid having to store it/ carry it around. Also I kind of doubt that Palookaville would want to store anything for us to be honest. Just the vibe I get from them.


Cassie Wed 24 Sep 2014 11:13AM

Another Idea that Pete had was to make our own badges. Which whilst I like the idea, even I don't much want one more thing to have to do/ organise.


Anne Hunter Wed 24 Sep 2014 9:48PM

I like the bee badges too - visible, relatively discreet and you don't have to carry them around. And cheap. Thanks for the ideas Rebecca. :-)


Tathra Street Thu 25 Sep 2014 4:50AM

I'm feeling like it might be time for a proposal! Based on what we talked about at the meeting and what I see here I'm going to suggest we do the Bee Badges thing. With the proviso that someone other than Cassie take the lead on making it happen.


Poll Created Thu 25 Sep 2014 4:54AM

The identifier takes the form of a Bee Badge. Closed Mon 29 Sep 2014 9:08AM

by Tathra Street Wed 26 Apr 2017 10:31AM

Everyone who voted agreed that the identifier be a Bee Badge button. @rebeccawickham has offered to take the lead on getting this happening. Thanks all!

The Bee Badge would be like a button pinned to the clothing of the Welcomer during the time they are on Welcoming duty. The creation or purchase of these will be someone other than Cassie. She may play an advisory role but the main organising would be done by someone else.


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Agree 100.0% 4 RW JK AS BH
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Undecided 0% 4 TS C AH BD

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Rebecca Wickham
Sat 27 Sep 2014 5:19AM

I'm happy to order the bee badges. Say about 30 just so we have a few spare. I'll wait to hear on the final vote before I go ahead.