Engagement SubGroup Meeting Thursday 27th May 6:30pm

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Topic: FPSGNF Engagement subgroup

Time: May 27, 2021 06:30 PM London

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Deleted account Thu 17 Jun 2021 9:51AM

Here is final final version. Little changed but now includes website and 350 for number of members.


Deleted account Tue 15 Jun 2021 8:01PM

I was charged to draft an email to our councillors asking for contacts. A copy in word is attached. It has been seen and approved by those at the May meeting. It will go to the following councillors:

:list of councillors sent to us by Talal in 2019. It should be still relevant with the exception of one Tollington post.

Hackney – Brownswood

[email protected]    ( re-elected)

 [email protected] (re-elected)


Islington - Finsbury Park

[email protected] ( re-elected)

mick.o'[email protected] ( re-elected)

[email protected] ( re-elected)



[email protected]  - new

[email protected] ( re-elected)

[email protected] ( re-elected) by-election


Highbury West

[email protected] ( re-elected)

[email protected] (re-elected)

[email protected] –( new )



Haringey - Stroud Green 

[email protected] ( New)

[email protected] ( re-elected)

[email protected] ( New)


Elizabeth Lowe Fri 11 Jun 2021 2:41PM

Lawrence , I note from Adam's notes that we are to liaise regarding the GDPR consent needed from those we contact/network with. Subject to checking for guidance on the ICO website, we will need to cover all our likely uses of the personal data. This may include incorporating personal data in the engagement evidence we submit with our Forum Plan. What other aspects might we need to include? Happy to discuss. Elizabeth


Deleted account Wed 9 Jun 2021 4:03PM

Here is the draft email I promised as an outcome of this meeting. Sorry to have been so slow. It is a word document: please use the review facility to comment/alter. As usual it is rather long.....


Adam Hardy Thu 27 May 2021 9:39PM

@Dorothy Newton @Hugh White @Lawrence Singha & @Adam Hardy were present.

Some basic notes:

Dorothy went over the networking strategy in more detail, essentially pointing out that every contact or organisation who we correspond with should be asked for further contacts who would be suitable correspondents on the draft plan.

We will load the local organisations list from the Excel spreadsheet into the contact database on the forum website where we can better categorise and group them, fill in details, assign contacts, record notes and so on.

We will need GDPR consent to store people's private email addresses and phone numbers.

We will need to establish a method to retain feedback as evidence of our consultation with the local communities for the councils' satisfaction.

ACTION: @Lawrence Singha will check on a suitable text for the consent request and consult with @Elizabeth Lowe

ACTION: @Hugh White will put together an email to all councillors in our area asking for lists of local organisations.

@Lawrence Singha will approach one of the councils' engagement teams directly to see if we get quicker feedback there.

I may have missed a point somewhere!


Adam Hardy Thu 27 May 2021 4:25PM

I can get in touch with:

  • Friends of Wray Crescent

  • St Mark's church on Tollington Park

  • North Islington Nursery School on Tollington Park

  • Stroud Green Primary on Woodstock Rd (Haringey)


Elizabeth Lowe Thu 27 May 2021 10:02AM

My apologies for absence from tonight's meeting. I couldn't shift/postpone this family clan meeting.

I'm attaching the note of my discussions with Dorothy regarding engagement which were previously posted on the planning thread. Events have moved on but still useful to have on this thread.

As regards contacts: I will liaise with Alice Smith the vicar of St John the Evangelist at Brownswood Park. I am sure she will have a network of other organisations I can contact e.g Brownswood school and ecumenical leaders e.g Methodist Church nearby.

At some point I would like to have a hard copy of a map of the Forum area - as much for my benefit as an aide for others when discussing membership.

Hope the meeting goes well.


Dorothy Newton Thu 27 May 2021 8:46AM

Thank you, Susan - this is very useful for the meeting this evening


Susan Lowenthal Wed 26 May 2021 11:59PM

Is this the right place to post contact info? Apologies if not - here’s what I have: 
community groups
I don’t think I have many direct contacts, but a bit of a search has come up with a few possible useful links, e.g.
Community Planning Alliance

The only group in our area is Community Tree Protection Haringey. As far as I’m aware, this is closely aligned to the Friends of Parkland Walk, and was set up in objection to Haringey’s rather gung-ho approach to clearing bridge embankments ahead of bridge replacement/ repair works. They organised the funeral march for trees, which was well publicised, at least on social media.

People Friendly Tollington ParkResidents group pushing for an LTN No website, on twitter @TollingtonLTN
Finsbury Park Hub, based Andover

https://finsburyparkhub.co.uk/Trying to find out if it’s for all Finsbury Park residents or just Andover. There’s a Community Room on Durham Road too, but I they may be connected.

Finsbury Park Creative Hub - Imagine Finsbury Park 
https://finsburyparkcreativehub.co.uk/Not sure what the status of this is (e.g. includes the now defunct John Jones). Lots of contacts/groups, but several are out of the area & website seems out of date - nothing since 2017?Includes article from Islington Turkish, Kurdish & Cypriot Women’s Welfare Group based at Durham Road community centre. Does The Loop at Andover still exist?

Finsbury Park Women’s Network / Finsbury Park Sewing Network - also seems to be based at Andover &/or Fonthill Road. Islington Council supported. Employment & training.

Everyone probably knows this, but Islington Council has a link about community groups - mainly for individuals to volunteer, I think. It has a map with community centres.
There is a Finsbury Park facebook group, with nearly 1500 members (not all in our area). Lots of small businesses advertise on here though, and some may be useful contacts. Anyone can join this group.

I hope this is of some use, though I don’t expect there’s anything new here.


Elizabeth Lowe Mon 17 May 2021 7:02PM

I'm very sorry to have to give apologies as I thought I could attend. I'll be with family/ from the Wednesday of that week and had hoped to join the zoom from them - but on their arrangements it won't be possible that evening.

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