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We will be running different format discussions - some people will give us only 15mins, other longer - 30mins, 60mins.

We should plan on setting up meetings with about 15 or 20 groups.

Here's our vision document:


We should try some of the resources on Locality:


Engagement questions Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12SLOuuwKa8eL1TgUDfmFPooiupiToNULlIqI177Axmc/edit?usp=sharing


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 21 Jul 2021 3:35PM

I attach a short note of our Engagement meeting on 14th July. I will also post in on the Steering Group thread as it's an agenda item and will save time if read ahead of the meeting. Apologies for not making time to circulate it earlier.


Dorothy Newton Wed 21 Jul 2021 10:25AM

@Adam Hardy @Elizabeth Lowe @Lawrence Singha @Francesco Mellino, Adam, thank you. This sounds fine to me. I would add that we need to be aware that many people we will speak with - and who have relevant views about the Area - are people accessing services (transport hub etc) or attending venues (mosques, groups at FinFuture, Rainbow, events in the Park etc) and whose home addresses are out of the Area - that is as well as owners and workers in local businesses. I'm beginning to think that there are three categories of people ie residents; workers/owners and visitors accessing facilities. I suspect that there will be some differences in the views and we will need to think about how we manage the issues.... It may be useful to look at the Islington Safety survey, its Commonplace map and data collection/anaysis to see if there is anything to learn from it: https://saferspacesislington.commonplace.is/


Elizabeth Lowe Mon 19 Jul 2021 6:02PM

Edward, thank you for your comments. Let's hope we can reach a consensus at the Steering Group meeting.


Adam Hardy Mon 19 Jul 2021 5:54PM

@Elizabeth Lowe @Lawrence Singha @Francesco Mellino @Dorothy Newton

Re: recording people's data & GDPR

I am not sure that everybody took on board the suggestion by Lawrence and myself regarding personal data and GDPR.

What we should collect instead of the home address of the respondent, we ask them the location of the issue that concerns them. This could be the whole FPSG area, or a smaller area or even just a street or junction.

This means the location would not be associated with the respondent. They could give more than one location.

As such, the records would then be issue-centric, as opposed to citizen-centric. This might need some more thought around how we record that we have reached out to representative numbers of people, but it avoids the GDPR issue.

Any discussion?


Edward Farleigh Mon 19 Jul 2021 5:45PM

@Elizabeth Lowe Sorry, I pressed send too soon then.

In general I think we will get more useful information if we use the vision themes. They can be grouped as below:

  • The character and use of the ‘centre’

  • Local links and connectivity throughout the area, The impact of traffic and transport infrastructure on the area & The quality of public realm

  • Work and leisure in the centre & Community and social infrastructure

  • Nature, wildlife and biodiversity & Green spaces and green links

  • Environmental Sustainability in planning & Health, safety, and wellbeing in planning & Inclusivity

  • Followed up by an 'other' section so that people can run wild

There is very little that can't be covered by the above topics and it will guide people into talking about planning related issues, without being constrained. We can extrapolate things like 'What is it that makes FP distinctive, attractive and desirable?' and 'What weaknesses need to be addressed' from these answers.


Edward Farleigh Mon 19 Jul 2021 5:42PM

Hi @Elizabeth Lowe

That's a great start, I have a few initial comments:

  • Perhaps put 'What aspirations should we have?' at the end so that people have had a think about potential issues already. I'm also not sure that this is very useful without context, perhaps we can list the vision themes we have already and ask people to pick a top 5. We can leave a space for their own priorities too but I'm worried that we won't get useable results if it's too open.

  • Perhaps refer to is as 'the Finsbury Park and Stroud Green area' - I know you have touched on this at the bottom.

  • It would be good to have some specific questions like: "How do you perceive the areas next to Finsbury Park Station in terms of atmosphere, character and attractiveness, and do you think they could be improved?" or "How do you perceive the routes to and from the station in terms of pleasantness, access and safety and do you feel they could be improved?" or "Do you think it is important for any new development in the area to be well-coordinated, planned and designed and why?"

Happy to have a chat to discuss these points


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 14 Jul 2021 2:35PM

Yes, I've had a note in my diary about tonight's meeting. There is a lot to do so hope there are others who can join me tonight.


Adam Hardy Wed 14 Jul 2021 2:14PM

What about anyone else? @Elizabeth Lowe @Lawrence Singha @Susan Lowenthal


Dorothy Newton Wed 14 Jul 2021 2:02PM

Apologies - In my diary I had a note saying "Engagement - or tomorrow" and I'd not checked. I cannot now come. I have had a go at exporting the info from the Islington links sent by James Delaware into an Excel spreadsheet. The info for N4 is a little out of date - for instance not having Finsbury Park Mosque and St Mark's Tollington Park on the list - and also includes places out of our Area - eg Brickworks Community Centre. I will send what I've managed to do by the end of the afternoon. D


Adam Hardy Wed 14 Jul 2021 9:58AM

Has everybody got a meeting for tonight @ 6:30 in their diaries? Let me know & I can put up a zoom link.

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