Mon 21 Dec 2020 4:26PM

Link preview shows a tiny part of HTML

S Strajk Public Seen by 38

I managed to delete <strong> but I couldn't get rid of <p>

This is about main workplace https://www.loomio.org/osk/


Strajk Mon 21 Dec 2020 4:27PM

And is there an option to have a preview that fits better in the frames or it is up to the service we copy a link?


Robert Guthrie Mon 21 Dec 2020 7:05PM

Whoops, thanks for catching this.

I've just uploaded a fix that strips html from this social metadata.


Robert Guthrie Mon 21 Dec 2020 7:44PM

I don't know what I can do anything about the image not fitting.

Here is a link to the source:


Which you can see is an entire image.