Open Data Charter Teleconference Thursday (15 Sept, 12pm NZST) - RSVP

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Hi all, we'd encourage you to take part in the teleconference Thursday led by Amelia Loye from Engage2.

We'll be working through a series of topics in the teleconference, some new and some driven by the conversations here. This should help gain some more insight on some of the impacts and issues regarding the Open Data Charter potential adoption in the New Zealand open data landscape. Come prepared with the questions you'd like to raise and we'll see you in the teleconference Thursday.

RSVP at: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/open-data-charter-teleconference-tickets-27622705255


Cam Findlay Tue 13 Sep 2016 3:09AM

Apologies, this is on Thursday!


Awhina Forbes Tue 13 Sep 2016 9:56PM

May i suggest a better choice of words to aide PR for all those in favour of any system that enables the public to unserstand the facts ti which our decision makers use to arrive at what we trust is a solution ...arrived at through careful consideration and genuine commitment to community service. BS should not be debatable at tax payers expense and policies should not rely on PR to amass support... facts are facts...decisions made affecting the livlihoods of hundreds of thousands and millions of people... deserve the integrity of truth as pre requisite. If the public highlight any area of questionable action, then discussion can begin to identify and isolate problems... and discussion then becomes a problem solving process... fair and equitable, likely economically and socially more progressive solutions can be found when all cards are on the table. You want public trust - earn it.

Its simple human ethics that apply to all.


Cam Findlay Tue 13 Sep 2016 10:38PM

Thanks, yes the teleconference is one of several engagements we are running around the topic of open data in New Zealand. I agree with you that dialogue is an important problem solving process. :thumbsup:

To ensure people can engage in a way that works for them, we are also going to be running in-person workshops for those that favour face to face alongside the teleconference, the discussions here on Loomio and you can also email us at [email protected].


Cam Findlay Thu 15 Sep 2016 8:31PM

Thanks to everyone that attended the teleconference yesterday.

If anyone who attended wants to raise and continue some of the conversations from the teleconference please start a thread with your topic and provide a little context to help others understand your position and what you'd like to explore in the discussion.

I picked up a few interesting topics during the teleconference that I'll raise later today (if someone hasn't already raised it already).

Hope to see some of you at the Wellington workshop next week. :star: