Sun 12 Apr 2015 9:21PM

World Cafe Session (Thursday Afternoon)

CR Chelsea Robinson Public Seen by 355

Kia ora everyone! I'm getting excited about OS//OS!!

Sam Rye and I are hosting the World Cafe on Thursday - here's a run down.

The World Cafe

An upbeat dialogue-based session where everyone will focus on one of 6-7 key questions around the Open Source ethos. From business models and government data to privacy and open decision making, you will work with up to 30 other people over 3 rounds of conversation. You will move around to different tables and continue to deepen your understanding of one topic with different people each round. We will finish the first day hearing the wisdom in the room; what you discovered together from each question stream. Check out “world cafe” online for more information about the history of this open source process.

Design the session with us!

We have prepared a voting tool for people coming to OS//OS to vote on the 4 questions for World Cafe in the lead up to it. You can find and publicise this using the following link. Its a short list; these questions came from peoples sign up forms.

Vote here!


(Press REACT to vote on existing questions)

PS, two of the questions we'll be working on together will be hosted by LINZ and Govt.nz, the other ones will be chosen based on your votes

Any Questions?


Chelsea Robinson Sun 12 Apr 2015 9:23PM

The questions in the Pol.is are a short-list of the questions you all submitted in your sign up forms! #crowdsourced


Chelsea Robinson Mon 13 Apr 2015 1:21AM

GOVT.nz question is finalised

How can we make government decision-making more open, inclusive and responsive?

Thanks to @nadiawebster and @aimeewhitcroft who will co-host this conversation


Chelsea Robinson Mon 13 Apr 2015 11:50PM

LINZ have confirmed their question is -

How might government help to facilitate greater use and reuse of data?

Thanks to @paulstone who will be hosting this conversation


Jaco van der Merwe Wed 15 Apr 2015 11:12AM

Questions do not work.
Question require binary selection or pass, but many are open-ended unsuited for this


Chelsea Robinson Thu 16 Apr 2015 2:35AM

Hi @jacovandermerwe we have selected 4 diverse, open questions from the list posted by everyone. hopefully this will work for you in the session