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JR Jason Robinson Public Seen by 76

I know this doesn't make sense, having not so long ago launched the whole page, and diasporafoundation.org is used in many places (emails, etc too), but

diaspora.foundation is free

So tempted :D Should we?


Robin Stent - Outreach Sun 16 Nov 2014 5:45PM

Although I think the "liberalisation" of the TLD namespace is a huge mistake, given that we're stuck with it, it probably makes sense to get this.


Jonne Haß Sun 16 Nov 2014 5:47PM

If we're going to change domain I'd like to get rid of the foundation part actually. So, diaspora.software is already in my preregistrations...


Rich Sun 16 Nov 2014 6:00PM

Free as in available, or free as in zero cost?


Jonne Haß Sun 16 Nov 2014 6:10PM

.foundation is donuts, so probably around 30€/year.


goob Sun 16 Nov 2014 7:04PM

Nice work, Jonne. If we're considering changing domain name, would it be worth bagging diaspora.network or diaspora.social alongside diaspora.software? Not everyone will be interested in the software side of it.


y.semin Sun 16 Nov 2014 7:15PM

My feeling : it can be interesting.
My preference : .social
My opinion : I totally agree with you @robinstent , these new possibilities shouldn't be. It's only a new way to make money. (That makes me think... finally, should we run into this, especially to promote a free software ?)


Jonne Haß Sun 16 Nov 2014 8:10PM

I already own diaspora.social and currently redirect it to diasporafoundation.org. It would make a nice pod domain though...


Flaburgan Sun 16 Nov 2014 10:09PM

I don't feel like we need to change the domain name, but we can get it and redirect to diasporafoundation.org


Deleted account Sun 16 Nov 2014 10:21PM

I find diasporafoundation.org pretty hard to read...


Robin Stent - Outreach Mon 17 Nov 2014 12:04AM

While we're on the subject I notice that diaspora.org although registered, is not in use (just an ad page). I think it's worth finding out who owns it and trying to negotiate to get hold of it. They might want lots of money for it, they might not, but it's worth asking the question.

EDIT: The answer is that this company owns it: http://original.com
Their business is buying and selling valuable domains.

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