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JR Jason Robinson Public Seen by 76

I know this doesn't make sense, having not so long ago launched the whole page, and diasporafoundation.org is used in many places (emails, etc too), but

diaspora.foundation is free

So tempted :D Should we?


goob Mon 17 Nov 2014 6:18PM

I already own diaspora.social and currently redirect it to diasporafoundation.org.

You are a star!

That needed saying.

I notice that diaspora.org although registered, is not in use (just an ad page). I think it’s worth finding out who owns it and trying to negotiate to get hold of it.

At last contact, they were asking I think $150,000. If you fancy stumping up that sum, I'm sure no one would complain!


Jonne Haß Mon 17 Nov 2014 7:44PM

At last contact, they were asking I think $150,000. If you fancy stumping up that sum, I’m sure no one would complain!

I think I would complain about spending that money on a stupid domain...


goob Tue 18 Nov 2014 1:24PM

I meant if someone was desperate for diaspora to have that domain and that's what they wanted to spend their personal fortune on, rather than giving it for development, that's up to them! But no, it's not what I would choose...


Jason Robinson Fri 21 Nov 2014 7:29AM

Yeah maybe the foundation word isn't something we necessarily want to tie into. I'm not sure software is a good word either - except as an alias. social is a good word, but I really like project. diaspora* is more than just software.

Regarding that, someone suggested we start calling the network of diaspora*, Friendica and Redmatrix .... The Federation :P

While first the idea felt a bit like a little fun - seriously, would it be a valid idea to consider separating the concepts of software and network in terms of official naming? It's probably not something we have resources for, unless community from all the three networks came together to it.


Fri 21 Nov 2014 12:49PM

A .federation would be cool. It would make think the diaspora* protocol as a standard ! :D


Cameron Harris Mon 1 Dec 2014 7:27PM

In a conversation I had that was not followed up on yet (as I wanted to see if it was already requested) was for short links automatically available (or at least selectable) for posts. I'd checked and d.io was an available domain name (2, 3 weeks ago).